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From the creator of One Night At Winston's

Just like many others, this gamemode aims to create as much inbalance as possible through stupidly broken changes given to all heroes. The focus is obviously fun over good gameplay, however, all changes that have been made have also been tested by my dumb friends. This took quite a long time to make, as I focused on the quality (fun) of each change, rather than getting it ready for submission quickly. Every hero has at least one change.

(the background image of the thumbnail is not mine)
Note: For some reason unknown, changing the gamemode to anything other than Push seems to somehow break the game, so please remain in the three existing Push maps and don't touch the map rotation.
Second Note: It'd be best if you didn't read the following changes, so as not to spoil anything.
Third Note: I made this before season 5, so the changes in season 5 could break it in a minor way.


His teleport: Now no longer teleports him, but instead makes him block 99% of damage received, converting that damage into his meter named "Royal Guard", obviously and blatantly stolen from the Devil May Cry Series.

His melee now releases that meter into huge damage (usually one-shot).

Wrecking Ball:

When in fireball mode, he can pin and kill enemies by hitting them against a wall. This is not too consistent.


Her coach gun now instead summons a bastion in turret form, and her grenade summons a pharah who flies towards the nearest enemy and fires.


Repeatedly crouching inreases her "Strength" meter, which multiplies her damage. This is painful for the player's fingers.


His attacks stun enemies very very briefly, but he has much smaller clip size.

His ultimate teleports all enemies to the tree. It's up to you to find the best use for this.


Has 100 health and his dash gives him stealth for a few seconds. Backstabs (quick melees from behind, dragonblade not included) give him extra temporary health (Blatantly stolen from TF2, the kunai melee for Spy).

When he uses his ultimate, upon drawing the Dragonblade, he summons a clone that follows him and copies his attacks and abilities.


Her hack increases its victim's turning speed to the extreme, rendering them unable to aim.

Junker Queen:

Her axe divides the entire game's speed by half, stacking with other Junker Queen axes for mega slow-motion.

Her shout makes her invincible for its duration.


The spin makes her run at incredible spins, and her javelin teleports her to it. She can use the teleport to stand on the skybox and use it again to teleport back.


His healing ability now leaves him at low health instead (if he's too low, it heals him slightly), but he deals triple damage afterwards, effectively oneshotting everyone.

Has reduced cooldowns


Her E ability disables the HUD of any enemy it hits for 15 seconds.

Her ultimate sends every enemy you damage back to spawn.


His roll makes him phased out for its duration.

His ultimate, upon expiring, kills everyone in the map, effectively resetting the whole match. (Doesn't work on those who are phased out, invincible, or unkillable). If he touches his own spawn room for even a second, this won't work.


She has 15 health but is immune to any damage that is not a headshot.

When she holds interact, she sets her current position, and every time she uses her rewind, she teleports back to that position.


His jump makes him invisible until he touches the ground.

His ultimate turns anyone he hits into a another Winston, who also is forced to ultimate.

His beam swaps positions with victim.


His projectiles are extremely fast so his balls can outsnipe the snipers

His ultimate lifts everyone in the game, slamming them down for half of their health.


His ultimate sends him flying up and, the moment he hits the floor, he kills everyone around him, himself and teammates included. This is directly inspired (stolen) by the original "Unfair Overwatch" mode.


His ultimate, similar to Lucio's, sends him up and the moment he hits the floor, everyone on both teams on the entire map gets knocked down for 10 seconds, excluding himself.

His fire strike goes zoooom.

He can jump during his charge


Her primary fire now has afterburn (this does not count as her damage, because the hit sound was too annoying).

Her ultimate disables reloads for ~20 seconds.

Her cryo-freeze gives her ult charge for its duration (made to copensate for her weak ult).


His punch sends enemies flying in his facing direction, and his second ability sends them flying up, making for a good combo.

His ultimate increases his punch damage.


His charged jump also makes allies jump, in the entire map.

Healing ability sets the health of every ally who has lower health than himself equal to his health.


His ultimate summons 6 Hanzos (3 to his left and 3 to his right) who also ult.

His storm arrow (scatter arrow's killer) now has many more arrows, but a bigger cooldown, a cooldown which is reset by his sonic arrow.


Her sleep dart now sleeps the victim forever. Hitting anyone with your sleep dart sets it's cooldown to 2 minutes, and it is reset back to its normal cooldown when they wake up.

Her ultimate makes the nanoboosted target force sleep upon anyone he hits.


She has only 50 health, but whenever she sucks someone, she becomes phased out for the duration of the suck.

She passively does double damage and healing.


Mercy's pistol has a terrible projectile speed (one that can be outran(i think)) and the magazine consists of only a couple of bullets, but it oneshots.

She passively deals triple damage (affects only her melee).


Her ultimate also duplicates all of the changes of the hero being duplicated.

Her beam deals additional damage based on how many kills she has achieved this life, resetting on death, and leading to a snowball.

The damage of her balls heals her.


On death, he explodes for 50 damage in 20 meters.

His trap now teleports enemies 50 meters below them.


Her headshots one-shot independently of charge.

Her trap reduces the ultimate charge of hit enemies.

Her ultimate forces every enemy in the game to look in her direction.


His grenade sends him in the direction he is looking. He goes farther if he is holding jump and, you guessed it, closer if he is holding crouch.

His melee now oneshots anyone if he has jumped using his grenade, before landing.


His primary fire sets enemies' gravity to 500%.

His heal reduces its own cooldown.

When using his ultimate, any enemy he looks at has his ammo constantly set to 0.


She feels like her OW1 self, so:

Her shield bash and whip stun for 1 second.

And if that wasn't enough, her heal pack now constantly stuns her allies, but it also heals them for massive health.

Her shield bash teleports her to the closest enemy player.


When he uses a fully charged punch (charged to the point he can't charge it anymore), he deals his current health as extra damage, but after that he also loses half his health.

His block now resets all of his cooldowns instead.

His ultimate heals him to full health, and makes him unkillable (he doesn't go to less than 1 health) for 10 seconds.


Dealing damage gives her money equal to the damage dealt

If she holds interact while in mech, she can buy a random thing for $500.


Upon ending, his ultimate deals 145 damage to all enemies

If he gets a kill with his kick, god save the victim.


She has infinite fuel, and her ultimate summons 6 Pharahs above her who all also ult at the same time. Damage dealt with her ult (either by her, or the bots) is now converted to a small percentage of ultimate charge.


Her secondary fire forces hit enemies to look down.

Her ultimate roots all enemies for 10 seconds.


Healing any ally grants them ultimate charge.

Headshots set all cooldowns of hit enemies to 35 seconds.

The changes are many more, but I'll let you to find them (and yes I'm actually too lazy to write them all this is reaching 1.2K words help me)

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
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