Samurai Kirby - practice your reflex! (刹那の見切り)

What Is This

Samurai Kirby. Compete your reaction time!

How To Play

Minimum and maximum number of People is 1 ~ 10.

  1. Game will start automatically in 20 sec. (you can set interval of game at "workshop settings".)

  2. Randomly two players will be chosen as Duelists!

  3. wait for brigitte's signal, and left click! (the maximum waiting time can be set at "workshop settings".)

  4. Get on the ranking!

How to Change Song when you are waiting
Defalt song is "Turkey in the Straw". If you want to change the song, you should program what you want.
Open "Setting > Workshop > 00. SubroutineTurkeyInTheStraw". the arrayOneMusicalBar have 16 elements. This array represents as one musical bar. The length of each element corresponds to a sixteenth note.

Other Information
・if you have some questions or something to make this more enjoyable, contact me without hesitation :)
twitter → @noiv1936

・this code is version 1.00, so this must contain many bugs.

Categories: Free for all, 1vs1, Minigames
Heroes: All
Maps: Paris
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.0.0

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