Destiny 2 Quickplay by iquestine#1324

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Destiny Quickplay Mode on Overwatch, based on APM's Call of Duty Domination.

Kill and capture objective to score. Capture and defend objective to gain more score per kill.

First team to score 150 or more wins.

Available hero to play:

  • Ana
  • Reaper
  • McCree
  • Sombra
  • Baptiste
  • Soldier 76
  • Ashe
  • Widowmaker
  • Hanzo
  • Might change in the future to class system instead


  • Every hero health is increased to 150%
  • Double Jump
  • Gravity is reduced to 90%
  • Healing Overtime
  • In-Game healing mechanic is disabled except for Reaper lifesteal
  • Mercy rule

Hero Rework:


  • Scoping in moving speed penalty is removed
  • Deals 143% damage


  • Deals 125% damage


  • Lifesteal effect reduced by 50%
  • Deals twice damage when ultimate is active (the effect lingers 1 second after the ultimate is over)


  • Biotic Field is disabled
  • 200% magazine size
  • Deals twice damage when ultimate is active (the effect lingers 1 second after the ultimate is over)


  • 150% magazine size


  • 40% cooldown reduction of Grapling Hook
  • Deals 125% damage
  • Ultimate deals 15 damage/s to enemy on viewing angle (even if they're behind the wall)


  • 50% cooldown reduction of Lunge
  • Deals 120% damage
  • 110% movement speed


  • Deals 125% damage


  • Healing Burst is disabled
  • Secondary Fire is disabled
  • 66% magazine size
  • Deals 150% damage

To do list:

  • Script optimization (Prone to overload)
  • Titan, Warlock, and Hunter class system instead of heroes
  • Loadout system
  • Ammo system
  • Heavy weapon system
  • Better respawn system
  • Better HUD system

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Players | 1 - 12
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Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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Current version: 1.0.1-Alpha

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