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Created by: scarecrow020, Kubimnich
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Match Time: 5 minutes
-You spawn as Ana in the kitchen.
-You can teleport to the main area where you play as Roadhog.
-As Roadhog you can hook the falling characters in the middle of the map to collect ingredients.
-Hooking a falling Roadhog gives you 10 Meat, hooking a falling Mercy gives you 5 Wings.
-Sometimes Reinhardt can drop his shield down, giving you a small time window to hook him, and recieve 10 -Wings and 30 Meat.
-Using "Take A Breather" refills your oil, that is required to cook. You can teleport back to the kitchen by holding -Interact. In the kitchen, you can cook your food by holding Interact near the oven. To cook food you need at least 1 Meat/Wings and 1 Oil.
1 Meat = 1 Food
1 Wings = 2 Food
-You can sell Food for an equal ammount of Money.
The player with the biggest ammount of Money at the end Wins.

This mode might be buggy, because its our first actuall workshop gamemode, but we will try to update it in the future

Have fun :)

Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: Roadhog, Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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