ZooPark In Overwatch! (A Zoo Gamemode)

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Welcome to ZooPark in Overwatch! A Zoo Gamemode in Overwatch made for fun viewing and fun exploring! In this gamemode, everyone is free to do anything they want and to go anywhere they want! There are countless possibilities! You can visit Over 5 Animals and have fun in over 10 zones! The mode is open for everyone and even while you're waiting for a long queue!


  • All CC Abilities, CC Ultimates and other annoying abilities are currently disabled for a fun experience for everybody

ZooPark Zones:


King Kong Zone

  • Have fun visiting King kong who is holding on an edge of the map to prevent from falling!

Golden Rhino Zone

  • Feast your eyes on the rare species of rhinos! The Golden Rhino!
  • Be careful! Golden Rhinos can throw you upwards as it doesn't like to be touched

The Mighty Eagle Trans-Bird-tation

  • Brace yourself as you see the Mighty Eagle roaming around the map!
  • You can ride the mighty eagle through going to the mighty eagle port or through getting close with him!
  • The Mighty Eagle can take you around the whole numbani map and letting you see so many unseen sights behind the scenes
  • Crouch to get off the Mighty Eagle

The Baby Lion Zone

  • Get ready to talk with the Baby Lion as it rests on its place
  • He'll talk to you every 5 seconds and will say some "hilarious" stuff

Birds' Paradise

  • Embrace the great view of seeing birds flying around!
  • Specifically 5 kinds of birds will fly around the place!
  • N(•ө•)И

Aquarium Exploration

  • Explore and swim in this aquarium overflowing with fishes!
  • So many shiny, and bright sea creatures can be seen anywhere in this place!
  • Interact to swim off!

Open Bugsville

  • Prepare to see a sight of a forest filled with bugs and insects that can be passed by anytime
  • Shiny worms, caterpillars, bugs, fireflies and other insects can be seen anywhere!

ZooPark Ride

  • Try to ride this centaur as it takes you all around the Numbani Map!
  • Crouch to get off


Mini Food Store

  • Try some food in this store to get some upgrades as side effects!
  • 🌶️

Mini Bean Store

  • Try some beans in this store to get some surprising side effects!
  • 🌶️

Mini Berries Store

  • Try some berries in this store to get some useful side effects!
  • 🌶️

The Ani-Mall

  • Start shopping in the Ani-Mall to get the latest cosmetics to show your friends with and to look stylish while exploring the zoo!



  • This feature allows you take a picture of anything anywhere and in anytime!
  • (Ultimate Key) + (Melee Key) to take a picture
  • (Ultimate Key) + (Crouch Key) to select a picture to view from your three pictures
  • Hold (Reload) to view your selected picture
  • You can have only up to three pictures!, To take new ones, You can reset at the Photos' Inthesees


Open Role Booths:

  • Since you can only spawn as a DPS hero in this gamemode, ive made a booth dedicated to switching to other roles such as tank and support!
  • Open DPS Booths are TWO and they are Team Spawns wherein you can normally switch to a hero
  • Open Tank and Support Booths have colored rings corresponding to a certain hero in which you can switch to by crouching in it.

Photos' Inthesees

  • A place where you can reset your pictures to get new ones!
  • Has an Open Photo Booth!


  • There are some shortcuts you can take in the map for fast traveling between the two ends of this long Numbani Map
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Numbani
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.1

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