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Ana's Darting Game

The game is a mixed style of Ana Paintball and Mercy Boxing, the objective is to eliminate the opposing team members with sleep darts. which requires luck and good predictive aiming.

->0% Sleep Dart Cooldown.
->Sleep Darts are 1 Hit Kills.
->150% Move Speed.
->Killing an opponent gives you Instant Nano Ult Availability .
->Nano-ing other teammates will allow them to survive by getting slept instead of getting 1-shotted.

Disabled Functions:
->No Melee.
->No Primary Fire/Scope.
->No Biotic Grenade.

Recommended Strat:

  1. Play Together as a team.
  2. Attempt to flank the opposing team together with 1 or 2 players.
  3. When you have nano available, nano a fellow team member who is facing an opponent to prevent him getting killed, allowing you time to kill the opponent.
  4. Always be on the move as sleep darts are bound to fly everywhere, it can even go through small holes on doors such as the broken door on the black forest map.
  5. Be mindful of where you are in the map, rapid jumping in a desperate attempt to avoid getting hit while near a ledge can kill you if you fall.

This mode is also new and is a WIP, stay tuned for future updates with new workshop contents!

Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: Beta 0.5



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