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Hanamura Havoc is a PVE mode where you face off against a seemingly endless horde of enemies. As you defeat enemies, your heroes will get stronger and you will gain points to spend in the shop to unlock new abilities and effects!


Some UI building was taken from Josbird's GETVX, however most of the Shop script was built myself


Hero Skills

Almost each hero contains a "Skill Tree", which are a unique list of skills, designed to best synergise with their kits. For example, Sombra contains multiple skills empowering her Hack while Junkerqueen focuses on bleeding and executing enemies.

Some heroes use the "Generalist" Tree, which is a list of skills that changes slightly depending on the hero's role.

In total, there are over 160 skills in the game, with some being exclusive to a hero.


Open the shop by pressing the Interact key while between rounds. Here you can click to purchase new skills to further boost your hero!

Buttons highlighted as blue indicate they are at the max level and cannot be upgraded further.

Sale Shop

Keep your eyes on the Sale tab! You can find new skills that are up to 33% off, even ones not usually found in your skill tree! This tab refreshes every round, so make sure to take a look in case you miss something extra spicy!


Some rounds may contain "parameters". These are new rules and effects added on a global level that last for that round. Parameters are designed to force you to chance your approach when confronting enemies, so always stay on your toes and keep tabs on the listing. Sometimes, parameter combinations can be especially mean, so those unaware can be in for a rough time.

Bosses & Legends

Bosses are enemies that can sometimes appear with extremely beefed up stats, but defeating them will net bonus EXP! So make sure to knock 'em out before they whale on you. There can be more than 1 boss at a time, so letting one stay alive for too long can cause serious issues for you.

Legends are similar to bosses, but they are even stronger and activate a unique "Legend Parameter". These parameters are intended to be much more impactful than the usual parameters and synergise with the enemy. Once the Legend is defeated, the Legend Parameter ends instantly.


Tasks, as the name suggests, are specific things you must do in order to net rewards! They can give you bonus stats and EXP! Be careful though, failing a task will make the enemies stronger, so don't ignore them!


You can change up a few aspects of this gamemode, found by accessing the "Workshop Settings" tab in the "Settings" area of the custom game lobby.


General settings for the gamemode.

Name Effect Default Value
Maximum Parameters Possible Sets the upper limit on the amount of parameters that can appear. Setting this to a very high value will make this mode considerably more challenging 5
Round Interchange Duration Sets how long (in seconds) should Round Interchange last. Note that if a player is currently in the shop, this phase is paused until they exit 3
Endless Mode Defines whether the mode will not conclude until all players have been defeated TRUE
Target Round If the above is FALSE, then the mode will end if players reach this round and beat it or they are all defeated, whichever comes first 30
Spawn Legends Whether to allow Legends to spawn TRUE


Cheats that can make your life easier, if you find the mode too punishing.

Name Effect Default Value
Starting Level The level players will spawn at. Adjusts their stats accordingly, but not their EXP requirements 1
Starting SP The number of Skill Points (SP) players will spawn with 0
EXP Multiplier The percentage modifier to apply to all EXP gains. Also affects skills that give EXP 100
Enemy Growth Multiplier The percentage modifier to apply to enemy stat growth. Affects enemy HP, Attack and Healing stats 100
No Skill Level Limits Effectively makes all skills have no Max Level, letting players purchase them as many times as they'd like. Note that this can cause some skills to become ridiculously overpowered, as they were never intended to be purchased repeatedly FALSE
Skill Points Gained Per Level How many SP will be given every time a player levels up 1
Full Skill Compatibility Allows any hero to unlock any skill if it appears in the shop FALSE


Tools for developing the mode. For the most part, these aren't useful for the average player.

Name Effect Default Value
Server Load HUD Renders the current Server Load on the top right FALSE
Debugging Mode Breaks gamemode start up and allows shop opening at any time FALSE
Using Test Bots No effect. The use of this option has been deleted in public releases FALSE

Who has the generalist tree?

  • Bastion
  • Doomfist
  • Sojourn
  • Lifeweaver
  • Soldlier: 76
  • McCree (Cassidy)
  • Baptiste
  • Orisa
  • Ramattra
  • Hammond
  • Torbjorn
  • Mauga
How long does this mode last?

Tl;dr quite long, although results can vary. Due to the random nature of this mode and the inbalance of power between heroes, you could end up losing within 20 minutes or after 90 minutes. If you boost yourself further via cheats, then it can take even longer.

Can I join midgame?

Yes! The game will automatically average out the current EXP of the team and grant you it, so you aren't too far behind everyone else!

Why doesn't every hero have a unique skill tree?

Simple answer: not enough script size. The generalist tree was the best way to allow all heroes to at least be playable in the mode. The sale shop is also a great way to create super strong skill combinations for some heroes. For example, Ramattra and Radiating Energy, Cleaving (Ultimate) and Double Down (Ultimate) was an extremely fun combo to play with.


Characters with scaling skills should purchase them as soon as possible. If your hero has Studious or you find Academic early, you should purchase them to receive a lot more EXP throughout the game.

A lot of heroes have skills that are designed to be the core for that character, although most were designed with 2 distinct combinations. Some of these core skills are Observer for Mercy and Lifeweaver, Infection for Sombra and Infectious Shots for Ana.

Although heavily random, if you find a particular parameter to be an issue for your team, you can always purchase a skill that assists in counteracting it. For example, Firewall is very useful if you find yourself getting bothered by the Hack parameters or you can purchase Natural Remedy for the damage over time parameter.

Most skills offered in the Sale shop can actually be purchased at a higher level than what is offered in your Skill Tree. So if you find a skill you like to use a lot, you can always save some SP in case it pops up in the Sale shop. Just remember to not horde too many points or your value to the team will fall off.

Team compositions don't necessarily have to follow the 1-2-1 format, especially as some heroes can more heavily lean to another role. For example, Reaper and Vitality Harvest allows him to play as a pseudo tank. You can combine Selfless with Energy Shield on Reaper to redirect enemies to focus him and also delete them. Other heroes with hybrid role builds include Symmetra (Tank), Illari (Damage - Sniper) & Moira (Damage - Assassin). You should always have someone who can take a lot of abuse & a healer. Although some skills can give sustain, it is not enough in the later rounds when 5+ bots are targetting you.

Known Issues

  • Ana bots sometimes target nothing
  • Symmetra bots will spam secondary fire instead of charging the shot fully
  • Reinhardt bots will constantly open and close their shield instead of holding it properly
  • Purchasing an ability tied skill while already owning the same skill on a different ability will transform that skill to the new ability
  • Sometimes the task "Finish The Round In Time" will fail even though players succeeded
  • Server can crash sometimes, however it is unlikely
  • Some heroes have Ammo Up in their skill tree even though they are incompatible with it
    • This is because of a Workshop specific issue preventing them from upgrading their ammunition. Once this issue is patched, they will no longer be flagged as incompatible with the skill
  • Sombra's Slippery (Translocator) appears to have inconsistent results
  • If Round 8 is chosen as a parameter round and the fog parameter is chosen, some bots will not have their outline hidden
  • When a minefield is first generated, all players are struck by a mine
  • Sometimes bots will not attack even though they should
  • It is difficult to tell when an Ana's Infectious Shots bullet is bouncing, causing players to suddenly instantly take substantial damage
  • There is no VFX when Hemorrhage, Dissect, Roulette and Executioner activate
  • Sometimes after swapping heroes, the confirmation VFX will appear delayed


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Survival, PvE
Tags: pve hanamura coop
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Maps: Hanamura
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.0


Open / Close Skill Shop
Primary Fire
Purchase Item
(Hold) Toggle Skill UI Text
Open / Close Skill Shop
Purchase Item
(Hold) Toggle Skill UI Text
Open / Close Skill Shop
Purchase Item
(Hold) Toggle Skill UI Text
Open / Close Skill Shop
Purchase Item
(Hold) Toggle Skill UI Text
Open / Close Skill Shop
Purchase Item
(Hold) Toggle Skill UI Text

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