Mimi's Guardian Angel & Superjump Tool

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Ever wanted to try that one guardian angel or superjump to see if you can get to that cool spot, but you don't have friends (who want to help you for the 284335th time)? Then this is the tool for you! Place a guardian angel target where ever you want, to practice superjumps and the like. This tool is not meant to teach you how to superjump or do other Mercy movement techs. The idea is to tinker with movement techs, to find new spots to get to and improve positioning that way.

Select what ever map you want and go. The purple orb is a pointer which indicates where Ana will be teleported when pressing the interact key. The white circle around Ana indicates the minimal Guardian Angel range (white) as well as when to press jump when doing a Superjump (pink). Top left indicate Ana's gravity and your as well as Ana's coordinates for reference if needed.


Interact Key - Teleport Ana to pointer

Ultimate Key - Toggles gravity for Ana

Left Click - Moves pointer further away from you

Right Click - Moves pointer closer to you

Hold E - To get a speed boost (to reach far away spots on the map)

I hope this tool will be helpful for some people and fellow Mercy nerds.

Mimi#23128 ♥

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Heroes: Mercy
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Current version: v1.0.9

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