[OOBWATCH] Complete Gameplay Overhaul

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Oobwatch completely reworks gameplay and adds many new hero abilities.

Here are some of the major general changes and the reasons behind them:

  • Health packs have been removed.
    (For most heroes there is no self heal other than health packs, which can be camped, hacked or even taken by a teammate. This makes players reliant on their team’s healers and completely at their mercy.)

  • When out of combat for 5 seconds, regenerate health.
    (This is seems to be a better alternative to health packs.)

  • Receive 30 health on elimination, plus another 50 if you got the killing blow.
    (This rewards kills during fights and allows for a single player to have much more of an impact.)

  • For 5 seconds after taking damage, decrease healing received by 50%.
    (Healing feels like a chore where you have to constantly pump heals into your tanks during the fights. This is also unfun to play against and ends up feeling like a tug of war between damage pumped in and healing pumped in. Healing also has no counters except for Ana’s bio-nade and 1 shot kills/ extreme burst damage.)

  • Shields have been removed.
    (Shields are oppressive with next to no counters and are unfun to play against.)

  • Most stuns have been removed or severely limited.
    (Stuns are unfun to play against and feel cheap when getting kills because of them. They also disrupt the flow of the game due the them not only stopping movement but also the ability to look around. The problem gets magnified when multiple people on a team have a form of stun/ cc.)

  • Ultimate abilities take longer to generate.
    (Ults are too powerful for how quickly they’re generated, especially without shields.)

  • The average health has been increased from 200 to 300.
    (Time to kill is a bit too low and has to be because of the insane amount of healing and shielding in the game.)

  • The Tank, DPS and Healer roles have been removed and replace with Brawler, Flanker, Flyer and Sniper.
    (Rather than just push every class towards DPS, I created new classes to move away from the stagnant 2-2-2 even more.)

Here are how the new roles are defined and which heroes belong to which role:

These heroes are great at fighting on the objective and maintaining point presence. They tend to be more powerful the closer they are to their enemies.

Flankers specialize in mobility and getting behind the enemy, but tend to have quite low health as they rely on their movement to avoid damage.

All of these heroes have a large amount of air control and are perfect for attacking from unexpected angles.

Snipers excel at dealing damage at range, and do not gain much advantage from moving closer to the enemy.

All of the information on the new hero abilities and changes are in the Oobwatch discord. This is a very outdated video on them:

Oobwatch is constantly evolving and updating, especially with suggestions made in the discord! If you're interested and want to join the discord, here's the invite link: (

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