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Play as a cast of Disney/Pixar's greatest Heroes and Villains in a FFA! Want someone who can dish out damage? Pick Mickey Mouse! Want someone whos quick? Pick Darkwing Duck! More characters will be added as time goes on. View the Google Drive here for more details on the characters and how they play: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15lMCVI0Uy7tF0au0TLs0glpBrAPqrTdp


Powerhouse: Strong, somewhat bulky, not fast or mobile. A class associated with characters who have a lot of damage output and damaging abilities. They also usually have a good chunk of health, but aren’t fast or too mobile.

Offense: Strong, not bulky, somewhat fast or mobile. A class all about damage output. Not having much health, most characters here make up for it by being either fast with output and movement, or being able to travel far distances.

Self-Support: Somewhat strong, somewhat bulky, somewhat fast or mobile. A class focused on buffing yourself and debuffing others. Stat changes is where they shine.

Flank: Somewhat Strong, Not Bulky, Fast or Mobile. A class based on movement and stealth. Can easily get from place to place and parkour quickly if mastered correctly.

Mickey Mouse- Echo
Darkwing Duck- Reaper
Scrooge McDuck- Reinhardt
Jack Skellington- Zenyatta
Emperor Zurg- Cassidy/McCree
Claude Frollo- Moira
Kermit- Lucio
Sally- Ana
Robin Hood- Hanzo
Pete- Roadhog
Beast- Winston
Yokai- Soldier 76
Hades- Sigma

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: Reinhardt, Cassidy, Echo, Reaper, Moira, and 1 more...
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Current version: V0.1

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