jojos bizarre adventure - stand rush demo (possible wip)


just a test for stand rushes, involves 2 doomfists/player cycling punches to get a rate of about 5 punches/second (0.192s/punch), i dont think its possible to go faster

in total supports 8 players with unique skins on the ptr

probably will get ported to live, may become something more if im feel like it

hold primary fire (bound to left mouse button by default) to stand rush, aim to direct punches (you can even aim up and down to punch upwards or downwards), punches get less accurate the longer you use them

hold crouch to block, damage recieved through the stand is quartered
damage received from stand without blocking is halved
damage received directly from enemy is a full 50

ex. if someone punches your stand with theirs, it deals 25 so long as you aren't blocking
if someone punches your stand with theirs and you are blocking, it deals 12
if someone punches you with their stand, it deals 50

maybe ill add some more effects, stand abilities if im not lazy and other types of stands like automatic and long range i dunno im lazy

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Update Log (3)

  • meter system implemented, now you can block punches to recieve meter, (which is not capped to the purple bar, btw)
  • stand durability recovery implemented, stand taking damage will interrupt recovery for 4s, stand will not recover when blocking or attacking
  • stand durability hud indicator implemented
  • i kind of feel like eating pizza but i already had dinner so i wont

added punch inaccuracy system (the first few punches will be very accurate but get less accurate as primary fire is held)
made at least one punch come out if primary fire is tapped instead of no punches (so long as the stand is active)
added the ability to break stands (the stand dies and you can't punch anymore (it comes back after some time))
added blocking
added punch hit effects
added self healing
added damage transfer from stand to player
made stands die when the player dies
made everyone's health 405
added stand meter hud (but not the meter system yet)

will add teleports, jumps, meter system and menacing effects maybe later i guess i dunno

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