Sombra Hide'N Seek 2! (Early Access)

Sombra Hide'n Seek 2!

A small team of Seekers try to find and eliminate a team of Sombras, who are trying to live until the time runs out! Which Team will prevail?

Seekers have 3 minutes to find and kill all Sombras with each seeker having their own role, and reworked abilities at their disposal!

Seeker Roles!

Spotter Hunter Killer
Spotters excel at finding Sombra's while they're invisible, and should point their allies in the right direction, but usualy are not very effective at killing the sombras before they zip away... Hunters are great at tracking found Sombras, and stopping them from getting away, but usually can't keep up themselves. Killers well... Kill! Killers have high damage, but struggle with finding and/or tracking sombra's. Killers can usually have some good defensive abilities to keep themsevles safe.


Sombras must outlive all seekers for the time limit, using their reworked abilities to stay alive!

  • Health reduced to 50%.

  • Hack: Stuns seekers for 2s, giving Sombra a chance to escape!

  • Virus: Speeds up Teleport CD with damage dealt!

Seekers is a Spotter!

  • Defense Matrix reveal all Sombras in view for only herself, making her exceptional at helping her team tack them down!
  • Boosters will knock down any Sombra hit for a short duration!

Genji is a Hunter!

  • Dash will Mark Sombras for 15s, revealing them to his team, and to Genji through walls!

Hanzo is a Hunter!

  • Storm Arrows "Mark" Sombras for 20s, making them visible to Hanzo's team, and to Hanzo through walls!
  • Jump CD Halfed!
  • Sonic Arrow CD Halfed!

Junker Queen is a Hunter!

  • Knife Duration and Range is maxed out, letting you sweep the map with your knife!
  • Scream will scare and stun nearby Sombras, damaging ones directly in view!
  • Her Knife and Axe will cause sombra to bleed for 3s, making them unable to teleport!

Junkrat is a Hunter!

  • Trap makes Sombras bleed, causing them to leave a blood trail and unable to teleport!
  • Ultimate duration doubled!

Lifeweaver is a Spotter!

  • Charging Healing Blossom will send some petals towards the closest Sombra every second!

Moira is a Spotter!

  • Healing Dust will De-cloak Sombras hit by it!

Soldier: 76 is a Killer!

  • Ultimate de-cloaks all Sombras in veiw, lasts 3x as long!

Sigma is a Spotter!

  • No barrier, instead sends out a projectile that will dmg and pull Sombras within 30m of it, marking them for 5s! Cooldown 6s.

Torbjorn is a Killer!

  • Overload burns nearby Sombras!

Widowmaker is a Hunter!

  • Venom Mine will make sombras sleep for 3s when the damage stops!

Hammond is a Spotter!

  • Self Barrier will decloak any sombra close by!
  • Can use slam while on the ground!

Zarya is a Killer!

  • Beam radiates off heat and melts nearby Sombras to Zarya!

Quick Disclaimer!!!

This is NOT a sequel to, or related to Miriam's "👾 Sombra's Hide & Seek 👾"! This is a remaster of "Sombra Hide'n Seek", a gamemode that I made a while ago! But please checkout Miriam's mode as well, its really fun and clever! <3
Link to "👾 Sombra's Hide & Seek 👾":

Players | 2 - 11
Heroes:, Junker Queen, Wrecking Ball, Zarya, Hanzo, and 7 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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