Hammondball by Wildcat1204#1692

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Made by Wildcat121204 on XboxOne

Slot 0: Ball

Slot 1: Lucio on Team 1

Slot 2: Lucio on Team 2

At the start of the match, each player will be spawned in their goals with the ball in the middle. Each player will be frozen for a short duration with a countdown. When the countdown ends, all players will be unfrozen and the game commences. Scoring goals works the same as in soccer. After a goal, the match timer will be paused until the game resumes. When the timer hits 0, the player with more points wins. If the players' scores are equal, the game will result in a draw. (Basketball rules, so the game won't end unless the ball is on the ground. This allows for points after the time has reached 0.)

No mercy rule, so the games will always go until the timer hits 0.

Pressing the interact key inside your own goal will allow for a super jump.

Wall riding greatly boosts your speed.

Melee will act similarly to Soundwave (Boop), but with lower knockback.

The yellow beams and grappling hook effects represent the out of bounds line. Going past them will kill you. This also effects the ball.

When a player dies, they will respawn in their goal 2 seconds later.

When the ball dies, it was respawn in the center 2 seconds later and hop.


-Killing the ball will result in 1 point being deducted from your score

-Killing the other player will not deduct or add points to either team's score

-Killing yourself will not deduct or add points to either team's score

-The ball will only die from going too high if it gets stuck on the battlements of the sea fort, otherwise it will go over the walls and die in the ocean

-This mode currently only functions as a 1v1 mode, however a team version will hopefully be developed at a later date

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Players | 1 - 2
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