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Progressive Overwatch BETA 0.0.1 (by Dismana#2560)

Playersize: 5v5

Map: Illios Ruins

Playstyle: Overwatch Arena RPG

Health: 100 + additional 200 per player on a team

Playtime: No Estimate Yet

How to play

During the match circles will appear in 11 different spots, 5 on each side of the map that is white and 1 in the middle which is yellow (also known as golden circle). You also damage the opponents Health Bar by killing them and collecting the circles.

Eliminations damages the enemy Health Bar by 5)

The White Circles each reward 25 XP (Damages enemy Health Bar by 1)

The Golden Circle rewards 75 XP (Damages enemy Health Bar by 2)

The first to empty the enemy's Health Bar wins!

There is a total of 20 levels which each increases your stats, every so often a level will grant you a Rank Up. The ranks are from Rank E (Lowest) to Rank S (Highest). You will play the same hero throughout the entire match! To get the Rank Up you must hold down interact without moving for 5 seconds.

The ranks gives following benefits:

Rank E - Can be gotten at level 1 - White circle - No benefit

Rank D - Can be gotten at level 3 - Green circle - Ability 1 Unlocked + 1 Talent Point

Rank C - Can be gotten at level 6 - Blue circle - Ability 2 Unlocked + 1 Talent Point

Rank B - Can be gotten at level 10 - Purple circle - Ultimate Unlocked + 1 Talent Point

Rank A - Can be gotten at level 15 - Yellow circle - Burning Strikes Unlocked + 1 Talent Point

Rank S - Can be gotten at level 20 - Red circle - Swiftness Unlocked + 1 Talent Point

Burning Strikes

Each damaging source coming from Your Hero ignites the enemy with burning damage that cannot be removed!


+50% movement speed


Every Rank Up gives you 1 Talent Point which lets you play your unique playstyle on the hero you chose. (Total of 5 upgrades per game)

+10% Damage

+20% Health

+10% Speed

+20% Healing Done

+25% Projectile Speed

-10% Gravity

+5 Health per second

-2% damage taken

Current Known Bugs

D.va Disabled due to respawn not working correctly using the exit button while in her mech.

Barriers currently doesn't scale with Health which causes barriers to get outscaled quite quickly!

Tracer and Sombra can bug themself back into Talent Spawn possibly causing them to die.

Can cause and Overload of scripts if changing teams and resetting the game too rapidly or late into the game.

Feedback is very much appreciated! Which you can leave at the Discord as that is the only reason I use the discord and I'd love to make balance changes in the future for this mode, however with the limited testers I had the game might not be completely optimized so I release it as a Beta for people to try it out and come up with their amazing ideas and suggestions to the mod. Have fun while playing!

Planned Updates

Team Health reduction by 50% (Due to long games)

Stat tweaking so each player starts with 100% of their original stats (So that talent %'s makes more sense)

Attempting to fix the bugs.

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