EMP to the sky by 봉긋함#3673

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EMP to the sky

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new Sombra Ultimate : EMP to the sky.
After 3 seconds of preparation, hacking all players(2 sec) and earn 1 point(in deathmatch).

How to Use

When the ultimate gauge is 100%, try HACKing toward the sky for 3 seconds.


Because EMP is a skill that required the cooperation of other team members, I designed a usage of EMP that would be more effective in Deathmatch. Now Sombra can hack the scoreboard at the top of the sky to get a score. Of course, you can still use the EMP in the usual way, too.

This script has one Rule and need only one player variable.
So, anyone can easily paste it where you need it.

I wrote this script for the game mode that I am creating, but I thought it was also attractive when seperated. So, I posted it.

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