Hanamura: The RPG! [Version 1.2]


In this gamemode you battle other players, and gain levels by doing so! The max amount of levels are 5 so far, each level brings more health and damage! Buy upgrades to maximise your killing potential, and be the mightiest foe in the server!

(p.s: hi! me again, haha. my second ever game mode, so again please be gentle lol. Please note that prices in this are exact, you can't have over or lower. Thanks for playing! :D)


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If you want prices to work over exact then do greater than or equal to instead but other than that this is pretty good hope you make more updates.

AgentRed creator

thank you so much for the advice! I'll be sure to change this in the next update :D

Update Log (3)


Update 1.2:

  • Fixed the Gold Cap, now being over 200 will not stop you from buying your upgrades!
  • Added a new area!
  • New instruction!
  • ????

Update 1.1:

  • New leveling system, revamped it completely.
  • Gold cap so you don't go over 200.
  • Balanced some of the hp and damage for the lower levels.
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