Clash On Carol - FFA Winter Themed Brawl

Welcome To Clash On Carol

Made by LemonAid#11644
Discord: [https://bit.ly/fruitbowldiscord]

Clash On Carol is an FFA winter-themed gamemode featuring a multitude of festive figures and delivering cookies around King's Row. The goal of the game is to collect and deliver as many cookies through the marked Factory and Delivery zones.


Gain cookies by standing in Factory Zones or by taking out enemies. Whenever you defeat an enemy, you steal half of their cookies from them, unless said otherwise. To earn points, stand in the Delivery Zone to deliver them. You gain points equivalent to the amount of cookies delivered.
Clash out with up to 8 players in a lobby, and do anything to keep reigning champ, while stopping others from succeeding you.

Be careful! Greed comes with consequences! Bearing 8 or more cookies will reduce player defenses by 20%, and carrying more than 15 cookies will reduce player speed by 20%! Stay cautious as you will be a big target for other festivities if you are carrying too many cookies.

Current Available Maps:

  • King's Row
  • Blizzard World
  • Hanamura

While in a Factory Zone, you will be immune to damage, but still susceptible to non-damage effects, such as Freeze, Knockback or Stuns.
There are 2 Factory Zones, and 1 Delivery Zone. Zones wil rotate around the map periodically, unless forced by other players.
Game ends once the timer runs out, and the player with the most remaining points will be declared victory.


Play as many different popular Festive Figures, each with a set of abilities to help them gain the upper hand, including:

The Sleigh

Button Ability Action
Passive Storage Space Orisa can carry twice the amount of cookies before stat penalties apply.
Interact Stampede Orisa takes a short cast before charging forwards, damaging and knocking all nearby players upwards.
Secondary Yield Halt! will steal 2 cookies from every player caught in the snare.

The Ghost Of The Christmas Past

Button Ability Action
Passive Fresh Reset Enemies defeated by Echo will lose all cookies instead of just half.
Interact Echolocation Echo releases a hypersonic ping that detects all enemies in a large radius around her.
Ultimate Time Rift Echo takes time to open a powerful time portal from the ground. Enemies who still remain caught in the area are dragged under and instantly killed.

The Ghost Of The Christmas Present

Button Ability Action
Passive Extra Gift Tracer gains +1 extra point whenever she delivers cookies.
Ability 2 Vortex Nearby enemies are dragged and snared to the point of Recall when used.
Ultimate Time Snare Pulse Bomb deals less damage, but will snare and freeze enemies in place.

The Ghost Of The Christmas Future

Button Ability Action
Passive Destined To Change Reaper steals 3 points every time he gets a kill.
Ability 1 Traumatize Reaper roots and damages all players in front of him when using Wraith Form.
Interact Time Mirror Reaper shuts down all Factory and Delivery zones. Players gain points through killing. Only one Time Mirror can be active at a time.


Button Ability Action
Passive Greed McCree gains twice as many cookies from Factories.
Primary Icebreaker McCree deals 30% more damage to frozen enemies.
Interact Crumbled Credits McCree cashes in 2 cookies to instantly reset his cooldowns and refill his ammo.
Ultimate Cold Hearted Deadeye damage reduced, but will freeze enemies struck.

Jack Frost

Button Ability Action
Passive Spirit Of Ice Gain immunity to freeze and ignore player collision.
Primary Frost Ray Critical hits will build up a frost meter on enemies, freezing them once the meter is full.
Secondary Glacier Grenade Helix Rockets instantly freeze enemies.
Ultimate Frost Ray Damage is lowered, but all primary fire shots will build up the frost meter while active.

Ol' St. Nick Himself

Button Ability Action
Passive Naughty List Torbjörn steals 50% more cookies from players with more than 10 cookies.
Interact Jolly Command Torbjörn instantly forces the map to rotate the Factory and Delivery zones. If Time Mirror is active while this is used, then Time Mirror is immediately cancelled.
Ability 1 Tempered Coal Torbjörn throws out a hot piece of coal, creating a field of hot coals. Enemies inside will take burn damage.

The Elf

Button Ability Action
Passive Worker's Rush Moira cannot carry more than 5 cookies, but will gain them from Factories twice as fast.
Interact Open Gift Moira instantly gains 3 cookies.
Primary Stall Primary fire will push enemies in front of Moira away from her.
Ability 2 Mooch Damage orb will steal points from players as it deals damage.

The Nutcracker

Button Ability Action
Passive Hover Penalties do not apply to Zenyatta when carrying too many cookies.
Interact In Harmony Zenyatta ponders and gains +50 bonus shields for every enemy in a 10m proximity.
Ultimate Thrive Cookie generation and delivery rate doubles during Transcendence.

The Ninjabread Man

Button Ability Action
Passive Technically A Cookie Genji gains 2 extra points every time he delivers a cookie.
Interact Icing Genji launches an icing charge that creates a large pool of frosting. Enemies inside move slower and deal less damage.
Ability 1 Pickpocket Genji steals 1 cookie from every enemy he hits with Swift Strike.
Ultimate Bakery Blade Dragonblade does more damage the more cookies Genji currently has.

The Polar Express Train

Button Ability Action
Passive Derailed When Reinhardt's barrier breaks, he gains a boost in armour, damage and speed for a short duration.
Ability 1 Choo Choo! Charge can pin ultimate players at once.
Ability 2 Steam Strikes 2 trails of hot steam are fired beside Fire Strike.

The Snow Miser

Button Ability Action
Passive Cold To My Touch Sigma has an ice ring around him that reduces enemy move speed by 35%.
Ability 1 Subzero The ice ring around Sigma will increase in size the more shields Sigma collects with Kinetic Grasp.
Ability 2 Snowball Effect Accretion's damage and knockback will scale the further it flies.

The Heat Miser

Button Ability Action
Passive Melt To My Touch Roadhog has a ring of fire around him that constantly damages enemies.
Interact Change Gears Toggle between two different Secondary Fire types.
Hotshots Shots are long-ranged sniper shots.
Splitshots Shots will split into shrapnel mid-flight.
Ability 2 Overheat During Take A Breather, amplify the damage and radius of the ring of fire for a period of time.

Mrs. Claus

Button Ability Action
Passive Cookie Expertise Ana deals +5% more damage for every cookie she collects (max +50%).
Passive Sleep Tight Crouching on a sleeping enemy will gift an explosive on them, shortly exploding.
Ultimate Definitely Sugar Ana gains 1 cookie per second during Nano Boost along with a bonus boost to speed.

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Echo, and 8 more...
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 1.4

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