NoClip Script "Module" by Xerxes#21917

NoClip Script "Module"

This script has been updated. Find it HERE

I've tried to design this script to be a "module-like" resource, allowing anyone to easily modify it to fit around their own Workshop mode.

This works perfectly fine as a standalone script though, so if you just want a way to fly around, then feel free to try it out!

If you have any questions or concerns, @ me on the Elo hell Workshop Discord: Xerxes

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Please credit me if you use this :c


  • Allow/disallow specific players to use NoClip.
  • Show name tags of the positions of players using NoClip
  • Very easy to set/change the activation method. (Keybinds)
  • Fly in the direction your're facing, and even pass through walls into out-of-bounds areas.
  • As you'd expect, you go back to regular form once you exit NoClip, continuing from that position.
  • Easy to configure, allowing you to change the global properties such as permissions, name-tag visibility, default speed, boost speed and camera smoothing.

Controls & Properties:


  • Toggle NoClip (configurable): Q/Ultimate
  • Up: Space/Jump
  • Down: Ctrl/Crouch
  • Shift/Ability 2: Speed Boost
  • Forwards
  • Backwards
  • Left
  • Right

Default Properties (All Configurable):

  • Access: 1 - Everyone has the ability to use NoClip
  • Name-Tag Visibility: 1 - Everyone can see the position of a NoClip user.
  • Normal flight speed (Meters/s): 10
  • Boosted flight speed (Meters/s): 20
  • Camera Smoothing: 25

Configurable Properties:

In rule {1/4}, the first 2 actions are vector values with each component being used as a property. You can change these values to better suit your preferences.

Action 1:
[X]: Default NoClip Access - This determines if by default, players will be able to use NoClip or not. (Default: 1)
0 = False
1 = True
[Y]: Name-tag Visibility - When someone is using NoClip, their name can be placed above their head to show others where they are. (Default: 1)
0 = The positions of NoClip users are hidden from everyone. (A text entity will not be created.)
1 = Everyone can see the position of a NoClip user.
2 = Only those with permission can see the position of a NoClip user.
3 = Only when using NoClip can you see the position of another NoClip user.
[Z]: Not Used

Action 2:
[X]: The default move speed of the NoClip camera in Meters/s. (Default: 10)
[Y]: The boost move speed of the NoClip camera in Meters/s. This is when the player is holding Shift/Ability1 (Default: 20)
[Z]: NoClip Camera Smoothing - The higher the value, the faster the transition speed but 0 is instant. I recommend using between 10-60. (Default: 25)

Useful Information & Tricks:

  • To get the current position of a player using NoClip, it's stored in Player Variable P.
  • To give/take permission from a player, set the value at P.Var N[0] to true or false. A few examples of how this can be used:
    1. If there were some kind of currency/shop in your game, you should set this to true when a player purchases it.
    2. Having set boundaries where NoClip is/isn't allowed. You could give/take permission once a player enters/exits these bounds.
    3. Enabling NoClip for players that have been eliminated from the gamemode - kind of like an alternate spectate mode.
  • To check if a specific player is currently using NoClip, the value is stored at P.Var N1.

I'm always trying to get the action count down and make the exit a little smoother, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

My notes for this version:


A small note:

I created this script a long time ago, back in PTR and it was posted in the Blizzard Forums. Since it seems like this is where the majority of the Workshop related content goes, I thought it would be a good idea to post it here, too. (

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Practice Mode
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, and 29 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.6



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