Chill/Kill AlexeiMode by Alexei#11907

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For Everyone:

Don't kill chillers and have fun!
Some heroes have been modified for fairness.
Mercy, Moira, Brigitte and Zenyatta (Zen WIP) are able to heal.
Upon ulting zenyatta can now fly. starts without mech and regains mech in 4.5s.
Passive regen for most heroes (3 hp/s) after 3 seconds.
Use Interact + Secondary Fire to teleport a short distance in your facing direction.
Use Interact + Ability One to cycle through actions listed in green.
Use Interact + Crouch to use selected action (listed in green).
Use Interact + Primary Fire to go back to the beginning of the list.


  • In view: Toggles thirdperson camera.
  • Die: Kills you (Does not work on junkrat).
  • Go Forward: Same as teleporting with secondary. # For Moderators/Host: If you have moderator status new actions and a punishment menu becomes available. To apply effects/punishments onto a player you must first select them. Use Interact + Jump to select the player closest to your reticle (crosshair). The player selected will be displayed in purple alongside their current health and ultimate charge. Use Interact + Ability Two to cycle through punishments listed in red. Use Interact + Ultimate to use selected punishment (listed in red) on selected player (listed in purple). ## Actions:
  • Select You: Changes the selected player to you.
  • Go Faster: Toggles 500% movement speed to you.
  • Heal: Heals selected player to max health.
  • Fly: Toggles flight for the selected player.
  • Come Here: Teleports selected player above you.
  • Safe Zone (1, 2 and 3): Creates a safe zone with varying sizes.
  • Destroy Safe Zone: Deletes the closest safe zone to you.
  • Jump Zone: Creates a teleportation bubble which transports you to the closest (Horizontally) teleportation bubble.
  • Destroy Jump Zone(Buggy): Deletes the closest teleportation bubble to you.
  • Ultimate Ability Power-Up: Charges the selected players ultimate.
  • Phase: Toggles a state of phase (Cannot take damage, CC, or collide with players) for the selected player. ## Punishments:
  • Hack: Toggles a permanent hack (Useful for booping lucios, doomfists or a hammond who won't stop spinning).
  • Corrupt Player: Toggles a reduction in max health (75% max), Damage dealt (60%), and Move speed (60%). Also applies a 125% damage received.
  • Abilities Off: Disables/Enables the use of abilities, primary and secondary fire, and ultimate. Players can still melee # For Host/Owner: If you are the owner new actions and a new punishments become available. Flight will be enabled by default, Ultimate will always be available and whenever a player kills you they be automatically selected. The server load peak will be displayed in white (Typically 150 - 250). ## Actions:
  • Invisible: Toggles invisibility for selected player.
  • Use Ultimate Ability: Activates the ultimate ability (If available) for the selected player.
  • Primary Fire: Forces selected player to use their primary fire (If available).
  • Spawn Point: Creates a different set of spawn points marked by a red light (Useful on havana).
  • Select Players: Selects every player in game (HUD messes up).
  • Moderate: Changes the selected player into a moderator. ## Punishments:
  • Freeze: Freezes player until their death.
  • Condition 12: Kills player every time they spawn.
  • Remove Condition 12: Removes condition 12 for every player

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