🎯 Marksman (if you miss, you die)


12 Players FFA with Mccree, Ana, Ashe, Widowmaker, and Baptiste.
But if you miss, you die!


Round Hero Special Rules
1 Mccree Mccree No fan the hammer.
2 Ana Ana Scoped shots only. Sleep Darts worth 3 points.
3 Ashe Ashe Scoped shots only. No Dynamites.
4 Widow Widowmaker Scoped shots only. No Vemon Mines.
5 Baptiste Baptiste No Regenerative Burst/Immortality Field.


Hit Type Points
Hit with Primary Fire +1 Point
Headshot with Primary Fire +3 Points
Hit with Sleep Dart as Ana +3 Points

No penalty for missing shots, other than dying.



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Update Log (10)

Added Kanezaka to the map pool.

  • Updated the game description, as I changed my battletag recently. Also made the description shorter.

General update

  • Reduced Mccree's HP to 200.
  • Increased Widowmaker's HP to 200.
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