🎯 Marksman (if you miss, you die)

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12 Players FFA with Cassidy, Ana, Ashe, Widowmaker, and Baptiste.
But if you miss, you die!


Round Hero Special Rules
1 Mccree Cassidy No fan the hammer.
2 Ana Ana Scoped shots only. Sleep Darts worth 3 points.
3 Ashe Ashe Scoped shots only. No Dynamites.
4 Widow Widowmaker Scoped shots only. No Vemon Mines.
5 Baptiste Baptiste No Regenerative Burst/Immortality Field.


Hit Type Points
Hit with Primary Fire +1 Point
Headshot with Primary Fire +3 Points
Hit with Sleep Dart as Ana +3 Points


There are some variables you can change to customise your playing experience!

Settings Description
Round Duration How long each round lasts
Headshots & Sleep Dart Bonus Bonus points awarded for landing headshots and sleep darts
Start with random position At the start of each round, all players start at a random location
Random Round Sequence Randomise the hero sequence that will be played
Random Penalty Receive random penalty for missing, ignores "If you miss, you..." setting
If you miss, you... Choose a specific penalty for missing shots (See next section)

Penalty for missing

  • Die
  • Lose 1 point
  • Get thrown off
  • Stun for 0.5s
  • No penalty
  • Take self damage



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Players | 2 - 12
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Current version: 1.3.2

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