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Inspired by Call of Duty domination gamemode. Capture zones or kill opponents to score points for your team.
Points are accumulated every 5 seconds based on the amount of zones captured to a total of 3 points if every available zone is captured.

What this workshop features:

Capture Zones

For every 5 seconds you will gain points based on your team's captured zones.
And instead of having just 3 capture zones (like in the call of duty version), some maps have more than 3 capture zones.
Gained points are calculated by 3 / {Captured Zones}.

Point Balancing

Depending on the amount of players on each team. The team with less players will gain more points than the team with more players. This enables you to somewhat play this with team distribution like 1 vs 6. (But it might be considered as online bullying at this point).

Kill points are also balanced based on the count of players on your team. Default value for kills is 3 points.

If your team has only one player then you will gain the maximum amount of points for each kill. The amount of points is halved for each player on your team of the killpoint value (This is found in the settings).

Hero Changes

These changes are necessary for these heroes, since they would be too overpowered.

Hero Changes Explanation

Immortality Field disabled In 2v1, having baptiste on the team with more players made the game impossible.
His ability is also used to prevent whole team from wiping from enemy ultimates but everyone is usually scattered around in this gamemode. This is also why this ability is disabled.

Reconfigure disabled Bastion having healing and being in turret mode made him too difficult to handle. (Again a case of playing 1v2, yes we were trolling and testing a bit .-.)
Even without turret form, bastion is still valuable with his healing ability. I might increase his damage output tho' for primary shooting.

Ultimate "Duplicate" disabled Echo totally wrecks everything .-.! Her ultimate makes her too deadly with the health gain and all.

- "Take a breather" ability cooldown increased to 175%
- Shooting disabled for 2 seconds after hooking (Prevents instakilling).
- Roadhog was healing too often.
- This prevents Roadhog from instakilling everything with the hook. You can still hook people off the edge but not shoot them right away.

Hacking disabled This was important to disable since some health packs are located right on top of the capture zones (Hanamura zone B is a good example). But she still has her ultimate, which can be used to hack these! And with the invisibility and translocator, she can quickly capture zones for her team.


Currently there are 18 supported maps. (These are ordered by the capture zone amounts).
Highlighted maps are latest updated.

3 Capture Zones:
Ilios Ruins
Oasis Gardens

4 Capture Zones:
Château Guillard
Ecopoint: Antarctica
Horizon Lunar Colony
Ilios Well
Lijiang Night Market: moved A and C zones closer.
Nepal Shrine
Oasis University

5 Capture Zones:
Lijiang Garden

6 Capture Zones:
King's Row


Enabled Capture Zones

You can use this setting to toggle certain capture zones from the game. But first...
About Zones:
A, B and C have been designed to be in a relative distance from each other for every map.
D and E have been added to expand the focus of the game to areas which would not be explored otherwise as often.
F zone is currently only used in King's Row. I just felt that it was a good spot and would be good to have on.

"Use Preferred Capture Zones" option uses my preference for the capture zones. This currently just affects Ilios Ruins which is more enjoyable with 3 points than having all 5.

For example if you want to make a king of the hill mode, you could disable every zone except zone B.

Custom Radius

Changes the size of all of the capture zones. CAUTION: I have not tested this with higher values than the default value. Probably should just keep this the same.

Kill points

This affects the points accumulated from killing opponents. Balancing applies to this value so team with more players will get a fraction of the selected value.

Balance: Give HP to team with less players

This is just in case if you want to try playing without health packs. And have just couple of friends to play with. This is best enabled for 1v2 and no health packs. The amount of HP given is gained every 5 seconds with the capture zone points.


Made by Mirex.
Date of release 3.2.2021, 8.42pm.

Questions / Comments

If you have any ideas or feedback feel free to comment them here.

Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Current version: 1.1



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