The Index (Warframe Game Mode) by cavejay#1548

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Nef Anyo's Index

Author: Cavejay (/u/SablecliffTech)

Game mode is complete, but needs tweaking and a fix for point-drop-labels. Let me know via bnet if you can assist with the points I've listed under Bugs.

tl;dr The Index is a gamemode of balance between scoring and keeping the other team from scoring. The more points scored the longer the game and the more change your opponents could win.

How to Play

  • This is effectively a PvP 4v4 recreation of Warframe's Index Gamemode.
  • The goal of the match is to reach a point cap (20) or have the most points when the game time's up
  • Players drop an orb on death that has a point value of 1 + their score at time of death
  • Player suicide will drop the orb at the closest walkable position
  • Running over an orb will 'pick up' the orb and add it's score to your points
  • Your max health decreases as you increase the number of points you're carrying
  • Each team has a colour coded goal area
  • Running through your goal area will 'bank' your current points
  • Bonus points are awarded for larger 'transactions'. Your 'realised' point value is shown in brackets next to your current score in the top left.
  • Banking your points will return you to full and normal max health
  • Banking points increases the length of the game mode by 20s per point

Possible updates

  • Making some Overwatch characters more like typical frames. I can see how you'd make an easy Rhino, but others I've not thought much on.
  • Fixing bugs below
  • Merging the Warframe movement gamemode into this?


  • Orb labels don't function well. This appears to be due to the world-text effect receiving a mutable value/pointer?
  • We detect if a player should pick up an orb by checking if they're within range of the orb closet to them. This 'orb closest to them' param isn't updated as often as I'd like and if a player attempts to pick up an orb that was not found to be closest at the time of last run, then they can't pick it up. Using the thankyou emote forces a refresh of the variable and usually fixes this.

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