Fly, Skate & Boop! (3rd person camera) by DezPJ#2685

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Fly, Skate & Boop!

  • Press Interact to superjump (can be hacked).
  • Press Jump to fly like Pharah (can be hacked if not already in air)
  • Press Primary Fire looking slightly down (30°) to start skating at 235x speed (works on all heroes!)
  • Release Primary Fire to stop skating.
  • Dealing damage boops enemies away.
  • Payload Speed set to 200%.
  • team assemble time is disabled.

Made combining a modified version of Silver Surfer Mei (created by ChemicalWeather), Precise 3rd Person Camera (created by Ivanovikjch), a Pharah flying code (credit to creator, I unfortunately don't know the name), and adding some stuff of my own. Credits goes to the creators of original codes. Created by DezPj. Feel free to copy & upgrade as you wish, citing authors of original codes. Have fun!

Additional tips & notes:

  • You can use Interact while skating to superjump while keeping your speed boost, then Jump in mid air to return to normal speed and aim better.
  • Ashe fires a single shot per time, so she can't shoot her primary while skating but can use all her other abilities.
  • Ashe's dynamite has pretty unpredictable effects (I could try and fix this later but it's pretty fun as it is :D).

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