Scoreboard - Aesthetic & Detailed Stats Display

Current Version: 8.30
Last Tested Build: 1.55

Want access to in-depth statistics for your next PUG, scrim or tournament? This Scoreboard displays it all in an aesthetically pleasing manner!

It was designed while mindful of usage in competitive settings, and should run with minimal lag or delay.

Need a live demonstration? Check out the New Wave Invitationals hosted and casted by DaksPH!

The following statistics are tracked and displayed:

Abbreviation Statistic Remark
K Kills Final Blows only
A Assists Eliminations minus Final Blows
D Deaths Includes self-kills
DMG Damage Dealt Hero Damage only, excludes self-damage
DMG (T) Damage Taken Hero Damage only, excludes self-damage
HP Healing Done Hero Healing only, excludes self-healing
HP (T) Healing Received Hero Healing only, excludes self-healing

Team Totals: Kills, Damage, Healing
Additional Features: Hero Swaps (Spectators only), On Fire status

If you decide to allow players to view the Scoreboard in-game, the Heroes will be hidden from them until they can normally see the enemy team's Heroes with Tab. The Scoreboard is viewable in Replays.

More features and statistics will be added as Blizzard implements them into the Workshop.

Toggle Scoreboard On/Off
As a Player, if the Host has enabled it in the Workshop Settings, you can toggle the Scoreboard On/Off by pressing Interact + Jump (Default: F + Space).

As a Spectator (must also be Host), you can toggle the Scoreboard On/Off by pressing Disable Camera Blending + Modify FOV (Default: Z + B). This is independent of the Players' individual settings.

Easily configure settings in the Workshop Settings page, such as whether to allow players to view the scoreboard, display specific blocks of text or to announce Hero swaps.

All text can also be easily modified in the Text Configuration Rule in the Workshop code page.

Log Generator
Note: This feature is turned off by default. Every event tracked can be toggled on or off, so only enable the ones which are useful for you, or leave the feature disabled entirely.

Output the entire match's events into a CSV-formatted text file, which can be easily processed for further analysis.

The following event statistics are currently available for tracking:

  • Match Start & End
  • Round Start & End
  • Kills & Deaths
  • Offensive Assists
  • Defensive Assists
  • Hero Swaps
  • Ultimates Charged & Used
  • Abilities Used*
  • Damage*
  • Healing*
  • D.Va Demechs & Remechs
  • Echo Duplicates
  • End-of-Match Player Summary

Note: The Abilities Used, Damage and Healing events can be intensive on the server load. The Host's computer may also be impacted if Inspector Log Files are enabled. If you do not require second-by-second tracking, the End-of-Match Player Summary has a large host of in-depth statistics, including Damage, Healing and Weapon Accuracy on a per-Hero basis.

For complete documentation of every event and its associated fields of data, please refer to this table.

To automatically output the logs as text files, ensure that you have the new Enable Workshop Inspector Log File setting turned on under Gameplay Settings.

No credit necessary for usage. I politely ask that you include credit if you directly modify or otherwise use my code in a significant way.

The first version of this Scoreboard was shared to Reddit on April 26, 2019.

Need Help?
Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me on Battle.net at Caldoran#1123 for any help, feedback or requests.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Scrims, Tools
Heroes: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 8.30



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