Overwatch Unlimited: 90 Custom Heroes

The full character and ability list for everyone is on discord. You can also receive help with understanding the game or giving feedback there:


  • Overwatch Unlimited is a 3vs3 elimination gamemode with 88 custom made characters. Most of them are based on the Fate Grand Order™ mobile game and anime (knowledge about Fate Grand Order™ is not required to understand or play this gamemode).
  • Reading the tutorial and the ability explanations is essential for playing and understanding the game.
  • The high number of custom characters and the speed of the game gives it both a high skill ceiling and a higher skill floor than you initially expect.
  • The game is very fun after you understand the basics and start exploring what every hero does. This gamemode is basically a new game inside Overwatch.


  • The objective of the gamemode is to kill the enemy team or to capture the point.
  • After the initial hero selection screen you will have to select your class.
  • You use left and right mouse buttons to scroll through the available hero list (some of them only have 1 playable custom class) and then press the INTERACT button (F on pc - or the button you press to use the symmetra teleporter if you changed your keybinds) to become the selected class.

Your hero's abilities are explained top left. You can see the health values of both team's players in the left and the right sides of the screen.

Other information

  • Taking a health pack makes your Ability1 and Ability2 refreshes cooldowns and gives you +15% ULT charge.
  • All heroes have passive auto-regeneration some seconds after being hit. Getting hit by damage over time (like bleeding) will cancel the auto-regeneration.
  • Some of the abilities in the game do friendly-fire or can even damage yourself (EX: Frankenstein ULT kills you and any other player in range, Gilgamesh's Barrage does friendly-fire, Starlin's ULT damages everyone on the map).

Have fun ^^

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
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Last updated:



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