Hero Merging with Health Merging by Squ1dward#1665

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It seems like this mode's Workshop settings are a little confusing for people, so this is a version preset to use the Health Merging and 2 player Merge Limit that seems to be the most commonly used Health Merging setup.

Hero Merging

In this mode crouching next to a teammate will allow you to merge with them. Merged heroes are controlled by all the players merged with them and have all of the abilities of the heroes merged with them, but only appear as one hero. When merged with another hero using an ability or attacking reveals your hero in the merged hero for a few seconds in the form of a hero icon.

The hero that your merged hero appears as is the base of the merged hero. This player controls the basic movement of the merged hero and the merge will separate if they die. When merging, the player who crouched to start the merge will be merged into the other hero, the player who didn't crouch is always the base hero for the merge. Any number of heroes can be merged into a single merged hero in this mode.

Crowd controls such as stuns or hack will apply to everyone in the merged hero. Sombra's stealth will also be interrupted if anyone in the merged hero attacks or uses an ability. Most movement abilities will work while merged with a few exceptions that are difficult to detect such as Hanzo's Lunge and Brigitte's Shield Bash that may be added in the future. Holding interact for 1 second while not merged with anyone will disable merged movement abilities in case someone thinks it's funny to blink you off the map every time you spawn.

If the camera bugs pressing interact will fix it. Players merged with other heroes are in 3rd person, because the 1st person camera is blocked by the visible base hero. The 3rd person reticle is accurate in this mode. You can use the partially blocked 1st person camera by holding interact. Pressing interact without holding it will change the camera back.

It sounds a little complicated with this description, but it really isn't. Just walk over to the nearest teammate and crouch at them until something happens. It's fairly intuitive once you see it working.

This game has a few Workshop settings that you can change by setting Global Variables A, B, and C to either a different number or true depending on which setting it is in the rule labeled "Settings in this rule" followed by explanations of the settings.

Global Variable A, MergeLimit in the settings, is the merge limit. Due to the way the mode is set up the actual limit is Global Variable A + 2. For example if you wanted to set a limit of a base player and one merged player per merge you would set Global Variable A to 0, set it to 1 for a base and 2 merged players, set it to 2 for a base and 3 merged players, etc.

Global Variable B, HealthMergingEnabled in the settings, is the Health Merging setting. When Health Merging is enabled the health of all the heroes merged is combined on the base hero. Likewise, everyone merged separates with 1 hp when the base player runs out of their combined health. This can get a little out of hand without merge limits, so you may want to consider setting a merge limit before using Health Merging.

Global Variable C, RandomSettingsEnabled in the settings, is the random setting. This will automatically set the other settings to randomly preconfigured versions of Hero Merging at the start of each game with a message describing the settings when you spawn. The random setting will override the preselected merge limit and Health Merging settings

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