Murderer Mystery Hero Ability Version(English/中文)

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

*# *Was all made by comerary#4402#
And Translate by him,too.(My English is pretty basic Sorry ; _;)

Play style was roughly base on XĔRX's work

But rules are a little bit different.

Some Heroes has thier own Ability


Once Ready Phase end,system will select few Murderer and Hunter base on the numbers of people in room

And the other player will be Innocent. Each Roles has their own intent.

Murderer:Kill all Innocents sneackily if possible

Hunter:Find Murderer and Kill it

Innocent:Survive and kill Murderer if has chance

*If Innocent or Hunter attack each others the one who attack will die

Once all Innocents dead ,Murderer wins.

On the contrary,if Murderer can't kill all innocent in time or all get killed

means fail.

[Hero Ability]


Recall(for everyone):

Back to the Position and Life status 3 seconds ago for everyone

*Can Only use Once a round

*Tracer can't use the ability in burning status

*Can be used to save anyone who dead in 3 seconds or in Burning status

*Affect Mercy's Revive-

*Players on Tracers share the same ability cooldowns



Can revive any Player

*It's won't tell anyone who you revive

*You can't Revive someone when being hacked

*The red circle will show up when someone dead(Only Visisible For Mercy),Mercy has to be in red circle to
Revive soemone



Moves fast and be invisivble in 7 seconds,Jumping or too close to any player will cancel it.

*If too close to someone(<10m),the ability will cancel and makes a sound

*Moira has no Run ability



Hack someone to expose their identify

*Player who get hacked can't use ability Run and Jump

*If Hunter were hacked,its Passive will beocme invalid for a moment

*Hack's CoolDown is based on the Current Match Time and the Count of Players



Ana's sniperscop allow her to move her sight to everywhere

*It has energy limit



Throw FlashBang to Stunned the any player

*If you're too close to the target(<6m)you would affected by it,too.

*If you stunned yourself accidently,the moment you stunned yourself will longer than the target.

*After being stunned,players aim speed will be decrease for 4 seconds.

*McCree moves a bit slower than other hero.



Pess right click to create a space.Anyone inside of it trying getting out of it will be frozen.

*If it hit the target ,target will be frozen directly.

*Walking into it wouldn't be frozen.

*It will exsit for 10 seconds.

*It doesn't represent as attcking



Has no Energy lamination

*Running speed is lower than other hero's



See all livivng players through the wall

*If Widow kill someone sucessfully,her ult percentage will increase 30%

*Widow has ult once respawn

Other Hero

Other Hero haven't had any special ability,but will update continually in future

[Role Ability]


Run - shift

*Allow player to move faster
*Has Energy Limit

Jump - Crouch / Jump

*Allow Player Jump to Higher Place
*Hold Crouch to charge,press Jump to release it
*Has cooldowns


*Meelee has no cooldowns


*Meelee has no cooldowns

*Has Special Passive(select one at random)

1.Murderer is walking and around the Hunter,Hunter can heard the special sound

2.If Hunter get kill by Murderer,Murderers Identity and Postion will expose for 6 seconds


*Meelee has cooldowns for 2 seconds


It's still in beta version ,so there's might be a lot of bugs (; _;)

Please response if you find any bugs or unbalance game play exprience

English Version:F6YYG



2020/10/20 fix bugs

2021/1/13 update new hero ability :Moira,Soldier76,Mei

2021/5/30 update new hero ability :Nerf Tracer,Sombra

2021/7/3 fix bugs

Players | 1 - 5
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Roadhog, Winston, Wrecking Ball, and 22 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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