Ultimate SWORD FIGHT Genji Gamemode by Tygo#21546

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Hi I'm Tygo
This is a fairly skilled 1v1 Battle Between Genjis based on Timing and Reaction time!
Mechanics Included:
. Deflecting last much less, cooldown is also smaller
. You can block enemy sword hits with deflect
. Deflect also blocks dashes by stunning the enemy Genji backwards into the ground
. You move faster
. There's an extra ability that speeds your movement bound to secondary fire, if you see the green bars you can use it, if you don't it's on cooldown
. Slow Motion when damage is dealt for Cinematic Battle Intensification!

Here's the video I did for the gamemode on my youtube channel "TygOW":

Project Codes:
.Main Version : ESRS9
.No slow mo for slashes : MP3D9
.Weak slow mo : QQZRT
.No slow mo : 31KQB

For console players less slow motion is probably better!
Here's my discord server:

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Players | 1 - 2
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Heroes: Genji
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