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Overwatch but every hero has his own superability. There's its shorty description!
[This] is advices we got for each hero*

  • Reaper : After teleporting by "E" leaves souls at the 1st and 2nd teleporting positions. Pressing "F" near the 2nd soul will send you back at 1st teleport position and heal you a little depending on damage you've done besides teleportations. [Helps to flank your enemies and quickly leave the battle]
  • Tracer : After eliminating opponent, gives you 20% ultimate charge, heals Tracer on 75hp and gains +30% speed on 4 sec. [Guarantees high mobility and survivability after a kill]
  • Mercy : Press "Ctrl" and "RMB" at one time and aim at the ally to pull him to you. Cooldown: 25 sec. [Could save overextending allies]
  • Hanzo : Every critical hit blows hanzo's arrow, dealing 50 extra damage to the victim and all nearby enemies (Blow radius: 7 meters). [Helps to eliminate by one shot heroes like Briggite and Torbjorn or to bring more damage to enemies behind their tanks]
  • Torbjorn : Using "Overload", becomes unkillable and deals damage to all nearby enemies after 1 sec. at the place where "Overload" has used. [Helps to survive better versus many melee enemy heroes]
  • Reinhardt : Holding shield, creates aura behind that gives nearby allies (Including Reinhardt) bonus speed +25% and heal 10hp/sec. [The longer your team survives, the greater the chance of winning fight]
  • Pharrah : Using "Shift" on ground, damages and pushes back nearby enemies, same effect when Pharrah falls fast on ground. [More reasons to touch the ground]
  • Winston : Using shield on dead allies' bodies, revives them. (Max. 1 ally revive per time)(You should stand around them and don't move for a couple seconds for success revive)(If Winston dies using it, he could revive himself). [Brings back at the fight one dead ally]
  • Widowmaker : Using scope for a couple seconds, mark the nearest enemy to her aim. (Marked enemies could be different if she killes the nearest or just moves her aim to another position) [Thermal imaging would help her to find and neutralize her enemies]
  • Bastion : Being in turret mode, wait for a couple seconds to get camo so enemies can't see you till you shoot or escape turret mode. [Helps bastion to hide and attack enemies at the right moment]
  • Symmetra : When she dies, creates two teleports (One at spawnroom and one at the death position)(If she dies by falling out of map, second teleport creates at nearst walkable positon). Allies (Including Symmetra) could run in 1st teleport to bring them to 2nd teleport position (You can only teleport from 1st to 2nd)(Teleports have their own timer). [Helps you to get back on the battlefield faster]
  • Zenyatta : Taking lethal damage, becomes immortal for 3 sec. Also gets +20% bonus speed. Cooldown: 40 sec. (Cooldown refreshes when zenyatta dies) [Helps to survive longer versus flankers and snipers]
  • Genji : Using deflect ability at 50 hp or less, throw the smoke bomb at your feet that hides you and makes invisible. [Helps to survive after unsuccessful fight]
  • Roadhog : Hitting enemies by hook, deals more damage for next hook. Also the more you hit enemies by hook, the more you heal yourself by "E". [Damage and survive ability in one]
  • Mccree : Hold "Ctrl" for a couple seconds to plant a bomb that blows, dealing 75-150 damage (150 in radius up to 3 meters, 75 in radius between 3-8 meters)
  • to nearby enemies to it. Cooldown: 40 sec, Plant time: 5 sec, Time to blow: 10 sec. [Brings more damage around a place you want to hold or contest]
  • Junkrat : Using emote when looking at the enemy provokes him to use his emote too. Cooldown: 40 sec. [Provoke enemy tanks for a good push]
  • Zarya : Hurting herself by energy spheres makes her jumpboost higher. Also if enemies break hero barriers faster than barriers disappear themselfes, Zarya gets 5% bonus to her ultimate charge. (The more ultimate charge is, the higher she jumps by her energy spheres). [Helps her to reach different highgrounds and cast her ultimate ability faster]
  • Soldier-76 : Taking lethal damage, drops on the ground. Jump after a couple seconds to try to get up back in the fight and heal up to 30hp. Cooldown: 20 sec. (When he lays on ground, can't be healed and has 1hp)(If he lays on ground for 10 seconds, he dies)(When Soldier-76 dies, cooldown refreshes). [Could survive the snipe shot and bring back to the fight quickly]
  • Lucio : Has a music boombox that copies his passive ability. Press "F" to switch modes. Hold "Ctrl" for a couple seconds to activate boombox and lay it on ground. (Lucio could activate his boombox only being on ground)(There's two modes boombox has: Speed boost +25% to nearby allies, or Heal +16hp/sec. to nearby allies)(To switch modes, press "F" and hold "Ctrl" to lay boombox again)(Boombox radius: 7 meters)(Boombox couldn't be destroyed by enemies). [Helps Lucio to heal allies on highgrounds and places you want to hold or bring them back to the point faster]
  • D.va : Press "F" two times fast to destroy your mech. It also gives you a knockback and charges to 50% your next mech. Mech also deals 50 damage to nearby enemies by its blow.
  • Mei : Hit your enemies by a secondary fire 15 times to get your next critical shot deal x2 damage and freeze a victim for 3 sec. (Basic critical extra damage is 75x2x2 = 300, but it could be powered up by allies' buffs like Ana's ultimate, Mercy's "RMB" etc.) [Helps to kill most of your enemies in one shot]
  • Sombra : Hacked enemies by Sombra are recieving damage instead of heal. (Should say, it works a little wrong because of OW engine couldn't register ALL healing at one time, so the damage could be less or more than the heal that enemies are getting) [Great for countering Zenyatta's ultimate or Roadhog's "E"]
  • Doomfist : Double jump to pounce to the side, you're looking at. Cooldown: 12 sec. [Helps Doomfist to get back to the save place even when he used all skills]
  • Ana : Hit enemies or heal allies 5 times in a row in scope mode to get the supershot. Hittig ally by the supershot gives him Ana's "E" effect, or hit enemy by the supershot to give him Ana's "Shift" effect. (Heal ally for 100 bonus hp and make his recieving heal 150% instead of basic 100% / Deal 5 damage to enemy and fall him asleep for 5 seconds). [Gives Ana more control effects in difficult situations]
  • Orisa : Hold "Ctrl" and jump to rise up in skies and fall down on your enemies being a meteor to deal 80 damage to them and knock up. (Being meteor, Orisa can't be hitted and can't took any damage). Cooldown: 60 sec. [Helps to deal more damage in fight, especially if enemies are close to each other or leave a battle staying alive]
  • Brigitte : Shield's upgraded. Now if Brigitte hold her shield for a second, it starts to deal damage to the enemy she's watching at. Damage: 10/sec. [Helps Brigitte to deal with targets that is too far from her, like Pharrah or Widowmaker]
  • Moira : Using "Shift", leaves behind her powder that deals damage to nearby enemies and heals nearby allies (Including Moira). (Leaves 8 beams of powder behind, 1 beam per 0.1 sec)(Each beam heals and damages for 20/sec)(Radius of each beam is 2 meters, Moira could use "Shift" and don't move so all 8 beams will be sprayed at one place, healing and dealing damage for 8x20=160/sec). Beams' existing time: 5 sec. [Helps to heal a group of allies that is near to each other or to cut the way to you in small tunnels for enemies that's folowing you]
  • Hammond : Each shot you hit the enemy rises the damage of your next hit, burning them if bonus damage is maximum (Each hit gives Hammond +0.1 damage for next hit, Max. bonus damage per hit = 5, Basic damage per hit is 5, so if the Hammond hits enemies 50 times, his damage for all next hits will be 5+5=10/shot)(Bonus damage disappears if Hammond doesn't hit any enemy for 3 seconds). [Helps you to deal massive damage for just 2 seconds]
  • Ashe : Being strong independent lady, Ashe resists (almost) all negative effects. (Some effects Ashe couldn't resist, like root of Junkrat's trap or stun of Roadhog's hook or speed reduction or negative effect of Ana's grenade) [Helps you to cancel bad effects like Mccree's stun flashbang, Sombra's hack, Reinhardt's ultimate or Mei's freeze etc]
  • Baptiste : Power matrix's exist time's decreased on 20% (From 10 to 8 sec), but Baptiste could gain it in battle faster on 30%. Also when Baptiste revives in spawnroom or start a match, he's immediately recieves it. Eliminating enemies, Baptiste also gains 5% of ultimate charge. [Helps you and your team to hold faster necessary positions even at the start of the match]
  • Sigma : Hitting enemies by "E", creates a black hole that damages and stuns nearby enemies (Black hole rises after 1.5 second but at position where Sigma hit the enemy). Min. radius: 0.1 meters, Max. radius: 3 meters. Damage: 10+30 for each meter, Min: 10, Max: 100., Stun time: 2.5 sec., Hole's existing time: 6 sec. (1 sec for each 1 meter up to 3 and back to 0). [Helps you to control better too offensive or too defensive heroes]


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