Colossal Assault (PvE Asset)

I made this because I this was in a twisted dream of mine where null sector (the old one) came back with new units- Okay I'm not going into too much detail on the dream, but it looked way better than the code bcs Overwatch won't let us use custom models.

Anyways, the robot itself has a tiny head and a large shell surrounding the inner workings. In the dream, if the shell was destroyed, the robot would take double the damage for a body shot. The robot also had a giant version of the uprising nulltrooper gun. And finally, the Colossal Assault had two artillery cannons. Can't really remember how they worked tbh.

You have free will to use this asset, no conditions for using it.

This next part is for those that want an update on my projects.

Turf Walls might be getting an update soon, but we'll see.
ThatOneMeme's Changes has updates halted for the time being due to lack of creativity and another project I'm working on.
Finally, I've been inspired by that Pixelrory video about fixing the Overwatch tutorial, so I thought "I can fix it, too!", so I'll be working on that for a bit.

Until we meet again!

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: PvE, New Heroes, Miscellaneous
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 🤜✨🤛


Summon Colossal Assault
Summon Colossal Assault
Summon Colossal Assault
Summon Colossal Assault
Summon Colossal Assault

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