Mercy Unleashed Boss Fight!

Have you ever watched the "Mercy Unleashed!" Animation by dillongoo?
If so, then you'll know exactly what this gamemode is!
The goal is to kill Mercy within 15 minutes. However, Mercy's Health has been immensely buffed; and she has minions. (More in the "Attacks/Abilities" section, and the "Minions")

If Mercy survives the timer, or gets 100 Eliminations, she wins!


Mercy has 3 attacks she uses:

  1. Caduceus Pistol = Mercy can swap to her pistol. Her pistol is nothing special, it just does double damage, and half ammo per clip.

  2. Air Kick/Air Kick Slam: If Mercy melees an enemy, she activates her Air Kick. During Air Kick, she launches her target very high into the air. After a few seconds, Mercy immediately teleports to them. At this point, she can melee again to activate Air Kick Slam. Once activated, her target gets hit downwards, crashing into the ground, killing them instantly, regardless if the target uses abilities, as long as the 2nd melee does damage.

Keep in mind that once launched into the air, Mercy is ONLY allowed to melee. This Ability also has a 10 second cooldown.

  1. Soul Ressurection: Her minions come to life! Once Mercy activates her Ultimate, she's unable to attack, nor heal for the duration, but can damage boost her minions.


Now let's talk about her minions.

Her minions are 5 Genjis. These Genjis move 20% faster than normal, but have half Health. They also have a set attack pattern, and only follow the Player closest to them. They also respawn immediately after death.

However, they only move around, and attack when Soul Ressurection is activated, as stated in "Attacks/Abilities". Outside of Mercy's Ultimate, they are souless, unable to attack, nor able to even be damaged. Their use outside of the Ultimate is to allow Mercy to Guardian Angel around the Arena, to keep her mobility.


Make sure you go give dillongoo's Channel a watch! He is a really talented animator!

His YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-B06UJxJ20HYv15lzrm9mA

Mercy Unleashed! (Normal Version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UDfWScQLqs

Mercy Unleashed! (Halloween Version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdgBykA-2-k

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