"Pedro's Rage" Survival Zombies [ENG]

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Pedro's Rage Survival Zombies

by Dyxx & PedroElKPO ☻

You were sent to a remote town in Eichenwalde with your best friend to hunt down "Pedro The Ape" A giant gorilla who has taken over the town with his cult, your boss told you:

"Pedro is hiding somewhere in his cave and searching for him would be a waste of time, but we know he has everything he cares for right there in Eichenwalde, steal his peanutbutter and banana supplies from him and eliminate his infants. Then once you managed to provoke Pedro's Rage he will have no other choice but to fight you"

  • Defeat infinite waves of randomized enemies along with a friend.

  • Buy random weapons in the mistery box.

  • Buy new areas where you can find new perks.

  • Complete events to unlock more perk slots.

  • Defeat the final boss after finishing the 3 events this gamemode has to offer.

Cult members:

Zombie: The average cultist who worships pedro, has nothing special, nothing to lose and would give his life without hesitation for Pedro The Ape.

Hound: trained beasts that will attack any kind of intruder, they only feed from human corpses. Fast but also fragile.

Boomer: cannibal cultists who got infected with a rare disease, be careful when neutralizing one of these because the only things keeping their stomach from exploding are their muscles in constant tension.

Sniper: don't be fooled by the technology they handle, they are still as smart as your average zombie and wont use much strategy to anything. Still... they can hurt you a lot if you decide they are not enough of a threat to gain your immediate attention.

Bodyguard: one of the latest experiments conducted by Pedro The Ape to protect his sons and daughters, not a perfect work but be careful with these little monkey protectors, they will shield their cultist allies and they will hit very hard if they get to swing their hammer at you, so don't let them do that.

Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: Roadhog, Wrecking Ball, Ashe, Doomfist, Echo, and 14 more...
Maps: Eichenwalde
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