Doomfist Parkour Academy - Learn Rollouts, Bounces, Diags, & Map Spots

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Multi-map Doomfist parkour designed to teach newer players various rollouts, bounces, diagonal punches, and other tech. It is a comprehensive list of map spots that can be competitively useful if known and practiced. Not all map spots are super-useful, but it's good to know they exist nonetheless.

You can toggle between "Parkour Mode" and "Free Mode". Parkour mode will let you cycle though checkpoints quickly while practicing. Free mode will let you freely roam the map with no ability cooldowns and allows ultimate. You can practice and experiment on your own to see what map spots and rollouts are most viable to you!

By default, maps will rotate according to the skirmish timer. You can disable this in the workshop settings!

Be aware that maps in a rough draft phase need more testing/fine tuning and may have errors. Completed maps may have additional checkpoints added in the future. Future releases will include more maps, stay tuned!

  • Maps roughly drafted: Rialto, Hanamura, King's Row, Busan, Temple of Anubis, Lijiang Tower, Dorado.
  • Maps completed: None.


  • Reload = Quickly respawn character
  • Interact + Melee = Toggle Controls HUD
  • Interact + Primary Fire = Toggle Parkour/Free Mode
  • Interact + Jump = Next Checkpoint
  • Interact + Crouch = Previous Checkpoint
  • Interact + Slam = Next Level
  • Interact + Ultimate = Previous Level
  • Interact + Uppercut = Back to Level Hub

Doom Tech 101:

  • Punch Cancel = Jump while punching to go further
  • Turn Punch = While punching, flick your camera left or right quickly and jump to turn around corners
  • Bounce = Jump right before punching an object to bounce off it, gaining forward movement or height
  • Diag = Place your feet on the edge of an object or high ground/platform to punch diagonally upwards
  • Wall Diag = Look inwards at an angle along a slanted wall and jump to punch diagonally upwards, climbing the wall
  • Balance Bounce = Stay still on a rooftop balance spot for 4 seconds to get bounced upwards

Known Issues:

  • Some maps need their checkpoints reorganized / hints added to make it more intuitive, among other checkpoint-optimizing things. This is a constant work in progress and feedback is appreciated.
  • Scoreboard times are occasionally out of order. No idea what's causing this.
  • Some HUD elements do not properly load when spawning in. No idea what's causing this. A temporary fix is implemented so that it will continually reload if it detects that it's missing elements.

Checkpoints made and placed by Big Smoke. Some checkpoints were taken inspiration from various youtube videos. Special thanks to these creators: Clowner, Brandito, Marauder.

Thanks for friends helping me beta test checkpoints: AmarexC.

This was made using a parkour framework/creator I developed myself to allow seamless teleporting between disconnected checkpoints, as well as other various mechanics not included in other parkour creators. You are free to use it as a base for your own parkour maps if you'd like; credit not necessary but appreciated.

Simple Multi-Level Doomfist Parkour Creator by Big Smoke: J8CA1

Categories: Parkour, Practice Mode
Heroes: Doomfist
Maps: Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Dorado, Rialto, King's Row, and 2 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.6.1



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