McCree's Quickdraw Duel

Find out who has the fastest hands in The West, The Moon and even The East.


Two players at a time duel in a quickdraw 1v1. In this duel their cursors are locked in one location while text on screen communicats "READY?" then "STEADY..." then...... "DRAW!". Both parties have their cursers released and and must shoot eachother before the other does.


  • You can only move your curser and roll when the text says "draw".
  • You can only walk after your enemy shoots and your enemy can only walk after you shoot.
  • When your waiting for your turn bet on who you think will win.
  • Winning a bet or winning duel gives you one point.
  • A bet cannot win you a game you must win a duel.

This game was made for the May Game Jam "Wait For It...".

Players | 2 - 6
Categories: 1vs1
Heroes: McCree
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