Lisa: Genshin Impact Inspired Damage Hero

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Instead of making another Pokemon, I decided to make a hero based on another easy game for baby: Genshin Impact! Lisa is a long-range hitscan with some serious bite to her Electro powers. Select Echo and harness the power of the Witch of Purple Rose!

Primary Fire: Lightning Touch

Lisa fires a series of four lightning bolts from her hands, dealing 25, 35, 40 and 50 damage each. Can headshot. Infinite ammo.

Secondary Fire: Lightning Blast

Lisa charges up a strong blast of electricity, dealing 120 damage to enemies in a 13 metre cone in front of her. Has a 0.75 second cast time where Lisa cannot move. 2 second cooldown. Triggers Conduction.

Ability 1: Pulsating Witch

Lisa teleports 10 metres in the direction she's facing, healing herself for 105 healing over 3 seconds. 4 second cooldown.

Ability 2: Violet Arc

If pressed, Lisa fires a homing orb of electricity that deals 60 damage and triggers Conduction. 1 second cooldown.

If held for 1.5 seconds, Lisa will instead call down lightning from the heavens that deals 150 damage to all enemies within a 15 metre radius. Lisa cannot move during the cast time. Triggers Conduction. 15 second cooldown.

Ultimate: Lightning Rose

Lisa summons a Lightning Rose that deals 25 damage to 3 enemies within a 15 metre radius every second, lowering their speed by 30%, triggering Conduction and making them take 15% more damage. Lasts 10 seconds. Prioritizes low health enemies. 2310 ultimate cost.

Passive: Conduction

Certain attacks from Lisa will stack Conduction effects. These effects make Lisa's abilities deal more damage. Conduction can stack 3 times on a single enemy, and will decay a stage every 7.5 seconds.

Affected abilities:

Lightning Blast

0 Conduction: 120
1 Conduction: 135
2 Conduction: 150
3 Conduction: 165

Violet Arc- Press

0 Conduction: 60
1 Conduction: 68
2 Conduction: 76
3 Conduction: 84

Violet Arc- Hold

0 Conduction: 150
1 Conduction: 170
2 Conduction: 190
3 Conduction: 210

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: Echo
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Current version: 1.0.0



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