WAGL! is a custom deathmatch gamemode in which everything one shots but with only certain abilities enabled and most weapons disabled, you can still melee though! Each character also has special workshop abilities (some are still in progress) to help mix up the gameplay. Players earn credits by eliminating foes to then use those credits to set off a bomb(?) and win the game. but the bomb(?) isnt an instant win button as whoever sets it off will have to survive for 10 seconds in order for the bomb(?) to actually go off, however, if that player is eliminated the timer stops and the game keeps going. And of course almost everything is subject to change.

List of custom hero abilities:


  • Everything one shots
  • Adjusted base stats
  • certain abilities disabled

  • Sleep Dart: doesnt eliminate
  • Nano: gives Ana bonus speed for duration

  • Dynamite: resets on elimination (this is a go to when i don't have any better ideas)
  • Coach Gun: no damage but has a crazy knockback

  • Regenerative Burst: kills enemies within its radius (and knockbacks anyone slightly outside the radius)

  • Gain bonus movement speed per kill, stacks infinitely (lose all stacks on death)
  • Reconfigure: become invincible, though you are slowed heavily and cant use tactical grenade (lasts maximum 2.5s)

  • Number of armor packs represent the number of primary fire swings you can use
  • Whipshot: restores 1 armor pack on elimination

  • Combat Roll: gain 1% ult charge per use (lose 25% on death)

  • Spawn out of mech (can use Remech but not Bomb)
  • Mech lasts a max of 20s
  • Bonus move speed based on ult charge (pilot form)

  • Power Block: invincible for duration
  • Seismic Slam: reworked into a non-damaging leap, can only use after getting an elimination
  • Meteor Strike: instead slightly augments your next ability use (augments below) (subject to change)
  • Augmented Rocket Punch: resets cooldown on use
  • Augmented Seismic Slam: allowed full leap to eliminate with Slam
  • Augmented Power Block: awarded reduced cooldowns and bonus credits everytime your hit

  • Duplicate: lasts max 30s now but doesnt grant 2nd life

  • Swift Strike: spawn with a 12s cooldown, after use genji is slowed and locked out of Swift Strike for 1.15s
  • Inner Focus: gain passive ult charge while emoting based on the number of players in the lobby

  • Can only use primary fire if using Sonic Arrow or Storm Arrows
  • Sonic Arrow: Refund 20% of remaining cooldown on elimination
  • Storm Arrows: Hanzo is rooted for duration
  • Stealth: stand still for 3s to become invisible max 8s. moving and jumping will remove stealth (you can crouch walk while invisible)

  • check back later

  • All basic abilities cooldowns reset on elimination

  • Concussion Mine: no damage
  • Primary Fire: one in the chamber

  • Reduce basic ability cooldowns on elimination
  • Swift Step: blink to enemy you are facing (briefly stuns kiriko)

  • Lifegrip: Shrinks and Hacks the enemy you are looking at for 5s (30s cooldown, refunds half of the abilities cooldown if you eliminate shrunk target)
  • Tree of Life: causes all players to grow until the tree is destroyed (currently disabled)

  • Sound Barrier: grants lucio a movement speed buff for duration

  • Ice Block: ending will freeze nearby enemies

  • Resurrect: if not on cooldown mercy will instantly revive upon death, after reviving mercy is hacked, invincible and unable to melee until Mercy's health is full again (60s cooldown, eliminations reduce cooldown by 5s)
  • Guardian Angel: superjump (8s cooldown, i had no better ideas)
  • Primary Fire: one in the chamber

  • Coalesence: roots moira for duration, eliminating with coalesence will steal Credits

  • Javelin Spin: become a helicopter (hint: look up)
  • Terra Surge: start growing in size depending on how long you charge Terra Surge, shrink back down to size after (orisa is invincible while ulting)
  • Fortify: small speed boost

  • Bonus move speed in the air
  • Primary fire: one in the chamber (currently disabled)

  • Eliminations reset both abilities and also make reaper invisible for .5 seconds
  • Death Blossom: teleports to victim on elimination (hold crouch to not teleport), bonus move speed based on kill streak

  • Both Nemesis Form & Annihilation: gain bonus movement speed, jump height, and primary fire for duration
  • Block (Nemesis Form): gain passive ult charge for each player in your primary range

  • Curse of Brigitte: tiny shield :(

  • Chain Hook: cooldown resets on elim
  • Take A Breather: invinvible for duration but slowed (currently disabled

  • Kinetic Grasp: gain bonus movement speed for duration
  • Accretion: cooldown resets on elimination

  • Gain bonus jump on kill (lose 2 stacks on death
  • Eliminations fill Soldier's freedom bar, once full Soldier gains a massive speed boost, eliminations extend the duration of the buff

  • Power Slide: refunds half of cooldown if you dont leap
  • Disruptor: grants bonus ult charge on elimination

  • Translocater: cooldown resets on kill

  • check back later

  • Overload: Creates a fire aura around torbjorn eliminating enemies in range, torbjorn grows larger for duration
  • Turret: spawn with 180s cooldown, resets on death

  • Blink: long cooldown but can player can store more than 3 blinks and blinks can be restored by the following actions:
  • Eliminating with melee: 1 charge & 1/3rd ultimate charge
  • Recalling: 2 charges
  • Eliminating with pulse bomb: 2 charges & 100% ultimate charge
  • Pulse bomb: chain explosion (can trigger on the stick too)

  • Infra-Sight: widow drops a smokebomb becoming invisible for up to 5s (also ends when you melee)

  • Jump Pack: resets on elimination
  • Secondary Fire: shares cooldown with Barrier Projector, chain lighting

  • Adaptive Shields: embrace your inner hampter and become tiny also gaining movement speed

  • Particle Barrier: grants 12% ultimate charge on use

  • Transcendence: you and nearby players gain Credits for duration (5/s == 25 total)
  • Melee: flying kick

Disclamer: this gamemode was made purely for fun chaos and is not meant to be taken seriously, ecspecially since the mode is new and I suck with the workshop the balance is gonna suck, sorry but im working on it.

this gamemode started as a 1v1 elimination gamemode that i would play with friends and kinda slowly evolved into a deathmatch mode. the name is an inside joke and means absoutely nothing

Players | 2 - 10
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.4

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