Pacman VS. Ghosts by Tsuki#22689

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Rules: Pac-man can pick up health packs (power pellets) to turn blue for 6 seconds. Whilst blue Pac-man moves faster and can kill ghosts. Whilst Pac-man is Yellow he moves slower and can be killed by ghosts. Ghosts need 3 Elims to win and Pac-man needs 6 to win. Everyone's position resets when Pac-man is eliminated.

There are 4 Ghosts:
Sombra: Can hack health packs (power pellets) to stop Pac-man from picking them up. Can hack Pac-man to root them for 1 second.
Mei: has a slowing aura.
Zenyatta: Reveals Pac-man to team when in sight (little buggy).
Tracer: Can recall. Is slightly faster than other ghosts.

I tried my best on this mode, i don't have coding knowledge and had a lot of difficulties. I tried to iron it out as much as possible and eventually stopped at this. It's still a really fun game mode despite it's flaws. hope you all enjoy it. This was made a good couple days after the workshop surfaced on PTR, i wasn't aware of this website until now though so here you go.

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Players | 1 - 12
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