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This Roadhog hook trainer allows the player to practice his hook and his hook/kill combo skills.
A programmed bot will be your target.

There are currently three heroes available to chose as bot:


  • Try to hook him, when he is dropping his shield to firestrike or shatter
  • When hooked he will be damaged to 200 HP in order to simulate an already damaged reinhard and to make it easier to 1-shot him after the hook.


  • Try to hit your hook while she is constantly left-right strafing and blinking.
  • When hooked she will try to recall or blink when you don't hit the shot to finish her.


  • She is pretty easy to hook because she is slower then tracer and doesn't have a shield.
  • However it is a bit tricky to pull off the shoot+melee combo on her after the hook, due to her increased health.
  • She will instantly try to iceblock if you miss the shoot/melee combo.
  • Try to keep your distance from her because she will try to freeze her. (You can't take damage or get frozen. This is just for practicing).

There are 3 modes that you can switch by pressing "Interact" ('F' by default).
In the first mode you need to hook and then kill your target.
In the second one you will need to hook your opponent and then drag him to your side. This skill comes in handy, when you are hooking people into rivers/oceans (e.g. Rialto/Gibraltar) or when you hook them into your team, so they can't escape.
In the third mode your target will die as soon as the hook connects.

Thank you for trying out my code and most importantly:
Enjoy and Rank up!

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Heroes: Roadhog
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Current version: 1.1



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