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Supercharged Deathwatch is an extended FFA mode, in which each player can acquire powerful abilities for their hero. These include completely new moves, attacks and spells, and may be used with every hero in addition to their full regular kit.


To unlock the new abilities, players must acquire one of the two special roles: the Star or the Protected.

The Star

  • First player to score 2 frags in a match becomes the initial Star.
  • Anyone who kills the Star takes the role for themselves, while the defeated player loses the role.
  • As the Star, the player has access to powerful movement and offensive abilities.
  • Can see and collect spheres dropped by fragged players, which provide healing and fuel some of the abilities.
  • The location of the Star is always visible to all players.

The Protected

  • When the first Star appears, simultaneously the player with least frags becomes the Protected.
  • The Protected has strong movement and defensive abilities at their disposal.
  • Can collect spheres to power certain abilities. Additionally, each collected sphere gives the Protected 5% damage resistance, up to 90%.
  • As soon as the Protected scores 2 frags more than any other player, they lose the role, which is then given to the player with fewest points.
  • Killing the Star while being Protected not only transfers the Star role, but also grants 4 bonus points (so 5 in total).

New Abilities & Controls

The Star

  1. Absorption – heal when picking up a sphere.

  2. Dodge – double-tap any directional key to quickly jump in that direction.

  3. Sphere Burn – press the interact key F to start aiming. Select a surface with the aiming guide and press primary fire to release a burning sphere in that direction. Once it reaches the destination it will briefly charge-up and explode, damaging and setting on fire all players caught in the blast. The Star is immune. You can use secondary fire to cancel aiming.

  4. Phase Jump – dodge forward + jump, to propel yourself in the direction you are looking at with amazing speed. You can use this to fly into the air. After the burst of speed ends, you will be briefly suspended in place.

  5. Frenzy – press jump + crouch together to receive a damage boost. The more spheres you have remaining the higher the damage (up to 200%). Costs 1 sphere to activate. Lasts 10 seconds.

The Protected

  1. Healing Aura – picking up a sphere generates a healing wave around you, healing you and nearby players. Doesn’t affect the Star.

  2. Low Gravity Bubble – press the interact key F to create a bubble of anti-gravity in front of you. Entering the bubble makes you and other players weightless, enabling very long jumps and granting better air control. Doesn’t affect the Star.

  3. Hack Vortex – press jump and crouch keys together to create a powerful energy vortex in front of you. For some time, this vortex will pull in any nearby player. If they come to close to the centre, they will be lightly damaged, hacked and forcefully thrown outwards. The Protected is safe from this effect. Costs 3 spheres to activate.

  4. Protection – gathering spheres grants damage resistance to the Protected. Nearly total invulnerability (90%) can be achieved this way, although the Protected status will still be lost (along with all effects) if the player scores too many frags.

Game Rules

Other than the special roles and their abilities, the game has standard deathmatch rules. Everyone may fight whoever they choose.

Notice however that the Star player has greatly increased fighting power, so forgoing killing other competitors to stop the Star may prove beneficial. But will you be able to trust your enemies to cooperate…?

Other Features

  • Nearly 100 workshop rules.
  • Compatible will all heroes and deathmatch maps.
  • Custom effects.
  • New UI features.
  • Detailed in-game ability descriptions.

Main Forum Thread

Official Overwatch EU forums thread

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