Workshop Hero: Molly Charierre - Melee Miner Hero by Lunar#11279

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Molly Charierre - Melee Miner Hero


  • Primary Fire - Elise - If someone is close enough, smack them with your shovel for 65 damage. If you hit them in the back, insta kill.
  • Shift - Burrow - Go underground for 10 seconds, once you left click or the timer runs up, pop up and knock everyone up,
  • E - Radar - Every enemy within 15 meters of you gets a green skull only you can see for 6 seconds. 10 second cooldown
  • Ultimate - Aftershock - Strike an area with an explosive, after 3 seconds every enemy gets knocked down for 3 seconds and takes 50 damage
  • Passive - On Edge - After having taken damage, gain 25% speed boost for 4 seconds. 4 second cooldown


Molly grew up in a Miner Town in Alberta. While in the work force, the omnic crisis struck and took the life of her older sister right infront of her. Being too weak to save her at the time, Molly swore to help those that cannot fight for themselves to hopefully prevent someone from losing a loved one as well. Honoring her sister by giving her shovel the same name and after a brief interaction with Gérard Lacroix, she obtained some tech to help her cause. She now spends her days fighting all while trying to live up with the expectations her sister had for her way back when and the guilt that comes from not being able to stop her death.

Code: DRP8H


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