Everybody plays as a one-hit, speedy Cassidy with infinite ammo in a free-for-all. Rather than purely just eliminations, the leaderboard is sorted by points. After 5 minutes, the match ends!

Points/The Combo Meter

You get points (P) for getting an elimination. However, the amount of P you get varies depending on a featue called the combo meter! Basically just think the combo bar from Pizza Tower. Whenever you get an elimination, your combo streak goes up by one and the meter starts counting down. Getting more eliminations resets the decay timer and also gives you more points!

Combo streak of 1: 100P per elim
Combo streak of 2: 125P per elim
Combo streak of 3: 150P per elim
Combo streak of 4: 175P per elim
Combo streak of 5: 200P per elim
Combo streak of 6+: 225P per elim

Be careful, though. when your combo bar timer hits zero or you die, your combo ends and you have to start off from zero combo streak again. As well as losing your combo streak, dying eliminates 10% of your current points, meaning that, the higher up in the leaderboard you are, the more you get penalized for death.

Magnetic Grenade

Cassidy's Magnetic Grenade is disabled at default. However, every 3 eliminations, you gain one Magnetic Grenade use. You can stockpile these, and the top of your screen tells you how many you have and how many eliminations you need left before getting another one. The ability retains its 10 second cooldown.

Ultimate (Deadeye)
Your ultimate generates at 270% the speed it normally does passively. Every elimination also gives you +5 to your charge.

Hey! If you enjoyed this gamemode and want to see features added or bugs fixed, please drop a comment and tell me!

Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Free for all, Minigames
Heroes: Cassidy
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0



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