Eyeball (Sombra Horror)

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Eyeball is a game where you have to find 10 money bags that is randomly scattered across the map. The catch is, Sombra is following you wherever you go. Once you've collect all 10 money bags, you can escape through the exit.

Have fun playing Collectors! 八(^□^*)

Please comment any questions or concerns!


White Vision
Locates the Sombra's position and displays her location
Can only be used when interacting with the white aura

Movement speed is permanently decreased by 25%

When Sombra becomes close to you, your heartbeat increases

Supports up to 10 players

Different heros have different abilities upon play

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Hide and Seek
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 31 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0


Interact with item
Interact with item
Interact with item
Interact with item
Interact with item

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