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Version 2.1.3


  • Heal on kill setting with visible effect that still heals when antinaded
  • Message top left always shows what the heal on kill setting is currently
  • You can toggle the Extra scoreboard
  • All abilities refunded on respawn (except disabled abilities)
  • 59% respawn time scalar lowest possible that still shows killcam
  • Game lasts till someone reaches 50 kills
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Update Log (15)

4.Jan 2021

  • The discord is now always right under chat (except when you are spectating blame blizzard)
  • Shortened the code from 57 rules to 23
  • KD ratio is now cross all heroes you play instead of per hero
  • Suiciding no longer makes you lose a kill this means the KD ratio is always correct
  • No modifications to abilities anymore I will do several polls in the discord to see what I should do first out McCree fan the hammer.

Discord: https://discord.gg/qtuEPEwfuh

28.Dec 2020

  • Now the heal on kill setting only has No heal on kill or 250 heal on kill

24.Dec 2020

  • Added heal on kill setting
  • Added a message for spectators "Esc -> Show lobby to check if you are in queue to play"
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