Doomfist's Death Tubes

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Doomfist's Death Tubes
Made By Caramel#21971

A Doomfist Arena With 8 Deadly Tubes!
Doomfist is on 75% Speed, Has Rocket Punch With 3 Second Cooldown, Uppercut With 12 Second Cooldown, and a Funky New Ability.
Your'e Objective is to Punch your enemys to the Tubes, And Die the Least to Win!
If You Stay Alive For Long Enough, You Get Your Ultimate Ability!
The Ultimate Makes You Faster for 8 Seconds!
The 2nd Doomfist Ability is Something Else instead of Seismic Slam.
When you activate it, you go down to 3 HP, Slow Your movement speed to 10%, And Summon a Big Sphere around you!
If You Survive Like That for 5 Seconds, You Go Back to Normal and get a FREE ULTIMATE! How Epic is THAT, Huh?

Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Doomfist
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: V-1.0.0



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