Crab Bucket


You are a crab. You are in a bucket. Other crabs are also in said bucket. What does a crab in a bucket with other crabs do? Try to escape the bucket, of course. Escape the most times to win! You may learn a thing or two about crabs, or even about people...

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Thank you for the gamemode me and my friends greatly enjoyed the crab facts.

nobody#1774 creator

I'm glad! Keep crabbin'! :)

Update Log (5)

  • Add those new maps (it's easy to forget to update the version number when entering the update log).

Add new maps:

  • Hollywood
  • Lijiang Control Center
  • Necropolis
  • Nepal Sanctum
  • Add Eichenwalde and Havana.
  • Add icon over goal.
  • Prevent players from pulling others through barriers.
  • Apply impulse instead of teleport to keep players in bounds.
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