3-Stage Tower Defense by Lemiral#2892

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Known Bugs:

  • NONE
  • (Please inform me, if you found a bug in this gamemode)
  • Contact: [email protected]

Future Updates:

  • More Maps!!
  • QoL Changes


  • Tower Defence on Lijiang Map (All 3 connected with Portals (Elevators)).
  • Team 1 spawns in Lijiang Market.
  • Team 2 spawns in Lijiang Tower.
  • Every Teams has a Tower (Torbijorn Bot, Slot 0 & Slot 6).
  • The Teams have to use the Elevators to get to the Enemy Base.
  • The Torbjorns spawn with 1250/1500 HP.
  • Every Player sees the Health of the Enemy and the Friendly Tower.
  • Match Timer: 30 minutes


  • The Torbjorn Bots have to be placed manually.

Inspired by Scales' Workshop (thats becouse it started at v2.0.0)

Some fixes of Scales' Version:

  • If you walk through a Portal, everyone would be teleported.
  • The Torbjorns will start to move (but i dont know why my change fixed it lol)
  • I changed the Portals mechanic, so you dont have to press "Interact" or "Crouch".
  • I also moved some Portals to other locations.
  • i changed the recieved damage, recieved heal, damage and max health of the Tower.

Lijiang Night Market
Lijiang Garden
Lijiang Tower
Tower Base Team 1
Tower Base Team 2

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