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Next rework is Mercy. She has always been a controversial and difficult hero to balance on account of her type of playstyle. The pocket mentality is a single-player focus in a team-based game, which I wanted to change. Also having 2 highly impactful utility tools on top of excellent mobility is too much reward for minimal effort.


Secondary weapon: Caduceus Blaster (removed)

Primary fire: Caduceus Staff
-Allies within 7 meters of the target are healed for 50% of the amount of healing done

Secondary fire: Caduceus Blaster (Damage boost removed)
-Fire damaging bolts that do 10 damage per hit
-Max ammo set to 100

Ability 1: Guardian Angel

Ability 2: Ressurect
-Movement speed reduction removed
-Can be used from any range (target must be in field of view and line of sight to activate)
-Time to resurrect dependent on distance to target (less than 5 meters = 2 seconds, between 10 meters and 5 meters = 3 seconds, greater than 10 meters = 4 seconds)
-Resurrected players are weakened for 4 seconds (damage reduced by 50%)
-Ability will be cancelled if target loses line of sight, or Mercy suffers any interruptions
-Cooldown reduced to 20 seconds

Ultimate: Valkyrie

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Tags: mercy rework
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
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