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Have you ever wanted to play Lucio Ball outside of the Summer event?
Yeah no, most people wouldn't, it seems to be pretty hated by the majority.
However, if you are anything like me, you actually enjoy Lucio Ball. I know right, I'm a terrible person.

All sarcasm aside, me and my friends wanted a way to play Lucio Ball while waiting for comp queues. I know it's a very specific thing to want to do while waiting for your SR to go down but bear with me. My friends came to me with the idea and I brought it to life.

I want to share this code for anyone else who wants to play Lucio Ball out of season. Now, I can't bring back competative Lucio Ball but that would just be begging for hate anyway.

I hope you guys enjoy this mini-game as much as me and my friends do, and if you never liked Lucio Ball as a full game, give it a shot with your friends between queues, maybe you'll grow a liking to it. <3

The game performs as any real Lucio Ball game would with some slight slight differences due to the limitations of effects and such in game.

As of right now, the only way to change teams is to edit the 6 topmost workshop rules. To set the teams, change the slot number to correlate with teammates. Easiest way to know who's who, the top player in the scoreboard is 0 and the bottom in the scoreboard is 6.

Latest version number displayed on in-game description. If you have any bugs with this mini-game, let me know and I will update the workshop code with bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Categories: Minigames
Tags: lucio ball
Heroes: Lúcio
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Current version: 1.2



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