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Everyone is Wrecking Ball and everyone has a personal energy sphere that grows when gaining mass.

Win condition: first player to reach 100% mass

There are different ways to gain mass during a match:

Movement: you gain mass over time relatively to your velocity so faster you move, faster you grow. Vertical speed matters more than horizontal speed so swinging and flying into the air or using pile driver is a good way to gain mass. Be aware that when you are too big you will be slower and be more affected by gravity so it is not a good option if you are reaching end game.

Shooting: In this mode, shooting other players will steal a percentage of their total mass. The ammo is reduced to 20 bullets to prevent leech spam. Since it is a percentage of their total it is more effective against players with high mass. It is a good tool to prevent the leader from winning.

Eating players: touching a player which has less mass than you will instakill the player and give you a big chunk of the player's mass.
The collision detection is based on the smaller player center and the bigger player's energy sphere so big players can kill through walls if their sphere is big enough.

Shields: well... shields is not a way to gain more mass but is the ultimate tool to prevent losing it. You literally become invincible for 8 seconds, you can still shoot at people and eat smaller players while no one can hurt you. Being such a powerful skill it has a cooldown of 30s so use it wisely.

Leader mark: the leader of the match (player with more mass) will be marked by a red skull above the head. This icon is visible to everyone (through walls) so everyone can know where the leader is either avoid or shoot the leader to prevent the victory.
If you are the leader, expect to be focused hard.

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