Gecko's Mod


Gecko's Mod

This is a Sandbox Lobby / Chill-Kill mode with hundreds of parameters to adjust however you please. Press Interact to open the mod menu. Primary or secondary fire switches between menus. Pressing melee with the mod open selects the menu of interest. Pressing melee with a parameter highlighted allows the user to adjust that parameter. Pressing primary or secondary fire will toggle settings allowing users to have the experience they want in a chill / kill server. Host can apply parameters to different players allowing for high lobby customization.

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NotFleta#1223 *

Hey so is there any chance you could drop the code for just the orbiting comment without the mode menu. Nice job btw

Gecktendo#1446 creator *

Here's a stripped back version, but I'm sure it could still be simplified further. Just press interact to toggle it off / on.

Code: QRQF1

I made a Workshop page for it:


Very impressive!

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